Контрольно-измерительные материалы итоговой контрольной работы по математике 8 класс

Входная диагностика по английскому языку для 5 класса
1.Напиши вопросительные предложения, расставив слова в правильном порядке.
1. Rob/ does/ English books/ read?
2. When / students / do / to school / go / ?
3. You/where/your friends/ meet/do?
4. does / your grandmother / live / Where / ?
5. your brother/like / does/ what animals?
6. did/ Alex/ where/ go/yesterday?
2.В следующих предложениях говорится о том, что происходит сейчас. Раскрой
скобки, написав глаголы в правильной форме (am, is, are + Ving)
Образец: Mrs. Green (write) is writing the letter.
1.Shе (go)________home.
2. My sister (read) ______after lunch.
3. The children (play) _______in the garden.
4. My name is Mary and I (help) _______my mum.
3. Выбери правильную форму глагола
1. There (is /are) one zoo in the street.
2. There (is / are) some water in the fridge.
3. There (is / are) a hospital and a cinema in the street.
4. (Is / Are) there any cheese on the plate?
5. There (is / are) some animals in the zoo.
4. Выбери нужную форму глагола.
1. John and Sally (am, is, are) at the school.
2. I (am, is, are) in the garden.
3. John (am, is, are) a doctor.
4. I and my sister (am, is, are) good pupils .
5. My pets (am, is, are) nice.
Прочитай рассказ и выполни задание.
Yesterday afternoon John's mother was at work. John was at home with his father. They watched
TV together. Then his father said: "Let's cook dinner for Mum and we can all have dinner!" And
they went to the kitchen. The father wanted to have some soup but John didn't like it. They
decided to have fish. The father took the fish and they started cooking it together.
Then John went to his bedroom to do his homework. His father went to his room to read a book.
They didn't go to the kitchen again.
After an hour, John's mother came home. She was tired. But when she opened the door, she ran
to the kitchen and cried: "Oh, no!" The kitchen was very dirty. They couldn't eat the fish because
it was black! John's mother wasn't happy. John and his father were sad, too.
But then, John and his father cleaned the kitchen and cooked a pizza for dinner.
Выбери правильный ответ в соответствии с прочитанным текстом.
1. Yesterday John was at home …
a) with his mother
b) with his father
c) with his mother and father
2. Yesterday John's father said:
a) "Let's cook dinner for Mum together".
b) "Let's do your homework together".
c) "Let's watch TV together".
3. At first they decided to…
a) cook fish for dinner.
b) cook soup for lunch.
c) cook a pizza for dinner.
4. They started cooking fish and …
a) John went to his bedroom to read a book.
b) John went to his bedroom to watch TV.
c) John went to his bedroom to do his homework.
5. John's mother was unhappy because…
a) John didn't do his homework.
b) the kitchen was dirty.
c) John and his father cooked a pizza for dinner.
Часть II. Лексико-грамматический тест.
1. Какое из слов в каждой строчке лишнее? Выпиши его.
a) boots, shoes, trainers, trousers
b) ocean, river, lake, desert, sea
c) granny, postman, grandpa, dad, brother
d) sheep, horse, cow, camel, whale
e) Maths, PE, Thursday, Reading, Russian 2. Выберите правильное слово.
1) Last year they … study English.
a) began b) begins c) will begin
2) In winter my grandmother doesn't … her flowers every day.
a) watered b) water c) waters
3) He … London next summer.
a) visits b) visited c) will visit
4) … the children play snowballs in the park yesterday?
a) Do b) Will c) Did
5) In summer the days are … than in winter.
a) long b) longer c) the longest