Технологическая карта по английскому языку "Vegetables"

Преподаватель английского языка: Козлова Д.И.
Organization-education activity technological scheme.
Theme: Vegetables
Aim: To acquaint children with the name of vegetables. To develop children’s memory. To
train children in the correct pronunciation of words and sounds.
Vocabulary/ phrase: A beet, a cabbage, a carrot
Information surrounding: pictures, toy
Stages of activity
Teacher’s actions
Children’s action
Motivation stage
I. Greeting circle.
Children, let’s greet each other.
- Good morning, children!
- I am glad to see you!
Children: We are too.
- How are you?
Children: We are O’K.
Children listen to
the teacher.
Children greet each
Children are in the
big circle.
searching stage
II. Acquaintance with the new
Informational surrounding:
Guest/ toy.
- Children, today we have guest!
Our guest is from England. He
understands only English
- Good morning, Minnie.
- Minnie wants to know what is
your name?
My name is…
Let’s sing a song together: Hello!
III. Practice work with the sounds
and grammatical constructions:
(Моделирование для речевой
Minnie brings us the fruit. Let’s tell him
about vegetables.
- What is this?
- It is a beet.
- It is a cabbage.
- It is a carrot.
Dynamic pause:
Let’s tell a poem:
Children listen to
the teacher.
Repeat all together.
Children answer the
Children repeat
Children say words
and phrases in the
box, in whisper,
individual, each
Children do
dynamic pause in
the circle.
Преподаватель английского языка: Козлова Д.И.
Apple is big,
Apple is small.
Guess what
I like them all.
Let’s say I like …
F.e. I like a beet.
Children are in the
Reflection stage
- What did you know at the lesson
- Do you like our lesson? What do
you like more?
- Lesson is over. Good-bye!
- Thank you for attention.
Children answer the
teacher’s questions.
Yes, we do.
Expected results:
To know: names of vegetables.
To have: construction: I like a
To be able: new words, ask and answer the questions, using the model construction.