Подписи к слайдам:
MYSTERY OF THE SOLOVETSKY ISLANDS Read the words and train your pronunciation
  • archipelago [a:kı‘pelıgəυ]
  • architectural [a:kı‘tekt∫ərəl]
  • monastery [‘monəstərı]
  • fortress [‘fo:trıs]
  • fortifications [fo:tıfı‘keı ∫ən]
  • picturesque [pıkt ∫ə‘resk]
  • invincible [ın‘vınsıbl]
  • state prison [steıt ‘prızən]
  • monk [mΛŋk]
Give the English equivalents
  • Непобедимая крепость
  • an invincible fortress
  • Живописная природа
  • picturesque nature
  • Изумительный монастырь
  • an amazing monastery
  • Архитектурные памятники
  • architectural monuments
  • Жестокая тюрьма
  • an inhuman prison
Tell about the Solovetsky Islands according this plan
  • Geographical position
  • Climate and nature
  • History of the monastery
  • Monastery as a fortress and a state prison
Geographical position
  • Where are the Solovetsky Islands located?
  • What islands do the Solovki consist of?
Climate and Nature
  • What is the climate of the Solovetsky Islands?
  • Is the nature of the Solovetsky Islands picturesque?
  • What attractive things can we see on the Solovetsky Islands?
History of the Monastery
  • When did people come to the Solovetsky islands at the first time?
  • When did monks begin to build the Solovetsky monastery?
  • What were the churches made of?
The Monastery as a Fortress and a State Prison
  • When did the Solovetsky monastery become a fortress?
  • What is the length of the Solovetskaya Fortress walls?
  • Was the Fortress invincible in attacks?
  • How long has the Solovetsky Monastery been a state prison?
Agree or disagree with these sentences
  • The Solovetsky islands are located in the North Sea.
  • It’s false. The Solovetsky islands are located in the White Sea.
  • The climate of the Solovki is not very cold.
  • It’s true.
  • The monks began to build the Solovetsky monastery in XVI century.
  • It’s false. The monks began to build the Solovetsky monastery in XII-XIII century.
  • The first churches were made of stone.
  • It’s false. The first churches were made of wood.
  • The Solovetskaya Fortress was invincible in attacks.
  • It’s true.
  • The picturesque nature and amazing monasteries attract a lot of tourists to the Solovetsky islands.
  • It’s true.
Your English friend asks your advice what to see in the North. Name 5 reasons why he should visit the Solovetsky islands You should visit the Solovki because ….. In 1992 the Solovetsky Complex was included on UNESCO World Heritage list.