Открытый урок "Music of British Isles" 11 класс

Открытый урок по английскому языку
( 1 курс колледжа — отеделение инструментального исполнительства)
Тема: Music of British Isles.
Цель урока: развитие навыков устной речи.
Воспитательная- расширение кругозора учащихся, использование практических
знаний в области информационных технологий с применением компьютера.
Образовательные- развитие навыеов устной речи и использования информационных
Обучающие- развитие навыков устной речи, формирование языковой компетенции.
Развивающие- учить умению логически мыслить, развивать монологическую речь,
умения сравнивать, анализировать, работать индивидуально.
Тип урока: повторительно- обобщающий
Вид урока: конференция
Оборудование: компьютер, проектор, экран, СД с презентациями, карточки для
индивидуальной и парной работы.
Ход урока
1.Организационный момент.
Teacher: People all over the world like music, different kinds of music: folk, dance, pop, classic,
jazz, rock...Many people play musical instruments: violin, flute, piano, guitar, drums...Some of then
are fond of listening music. You are the future musicians and should know composers and music of
their countries. Today we'll speak about music of British Isles.
2. Warm up. Answer the questions.
Answer my questions: -What countries do British Isles include?
What is British traditional folk music?
What are the most famous musical instruments?
Do you know well-known musicians of British Isles?
3. Speaking.
Teacher: Let's listen to your presentations. Don't forget to use these phrases from the list below.
( У студентов на столах таблички с фразами для презентации).
Introducing yourself and your talk:
Good morning! My name is... I'm the new manager \for example\.
It's a pleasure to be with you today.
Ladies and gentlemen!It's an honor to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished
Subject of presentation:
I'd like to talk to you about...
The subject of my presentation is...
We are here today to learn about...
I plan to be brief.
I'd be glad to answer any questions at the end of the talk.
To sum up...
In conclusion I'd like to say...
Thank you for your attention.
Firstly, secondly, … finally.
Let's start with...
We'll listen to you up to this plan: 1. Music of The UK.
1. Music of England.
2. Music of Scotland.
3. Music of Wales.
4. Music of Ireland.
You may ask questions to your friends to get more information.
4. Put the words into the crossword and find the national tradition of Northern Ireland: (Irish
1- the name of the country: Northern … (Ireland)
2- One of the instruments of British Isles. (guitar)
3-What do British Isles consist of ? (Isles)
4- The Western country of Great Britain. (Wales)
5- The British old folk instrument. (horn)
6- The name of music group. (band)
7- Very old thing. (ancient)
8- The name of the largest island. (Britain)
9- A person who composes music. (composer)
10- A thing of a person belonging to the place where they are from. (native)
5. And now the surprise to you. Students of Dance Department prepared the Irish dance.
6. Thank you for your interesting presentations. Now we know more about music of British
Приложение : Презентация студентов по теме.