Презентация "Moorland of the British Isles" 8 класс

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Moorland of the British Isles Presented by Demina M.E. Teacher of English Moorland Moorland or moor is a type of habitat found in upland areas, characterised by low growing vegetation on acidic soils. Moorland nowadays generally means uncultivated hill land in high rainfall zones. The old English moor is closely related to heath

Heather Moorland On The North Yorkshire Moors

Natural vegetation of the British Moors

Calluna Vulgaris (Heather)




  • National Park founded in 1951.
  • The largest area of granite in Britain – 625 square kilometers.
  • Most of it is under superficial peat deposits.

Dartmoor tors in snow

  • Much more rainfalls on Dartmoor than
  • in the surrounding lowlands.

  • Bogs form on the highest land where the
  • rainfall exceeds 2,000 mm a year.

  • The most notable of the bogs is
  • Fox Tor Mires

Dark Peak - moorland

The Dark Peak is the high, wild northern part of the Peak District in England. The land is uninhabited moorland plateaux where almost any depression is filled with sphagnum bogs and black peat.

Peak District - national park founded in 1951.

North Yorkshire Moors

National Park, founded in 1952.

North Yorkshire Moor

North Yorkshire Moor

Round hill, the summit of Urra Moor

The face stone,

Urra Moor

Standing stone amongst purple heather in Rosedale in the North York Moors.