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BRITISH HOLIDAYS ЦЕЛЬ УРОКА: 1. Знакомство с праздниками Британии. 2. Формирование навыков чтения, говорения, письма. The main tasks. 1. Revision of ordinal numbers. 2. Reading and understanding the information about British holidays. 3. Testing. 4. Discribing photos. 5. Reading verses. 6. Conclusion. TRUE OR FALSE. 1. People wear something black on St. Patrick’s day. 2. Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. 3. Mother’s day is a holiday for father. 4. At Easter children eat coloured eggs in Britain. 5. April Fool’s day is on 2d of April. 6. May day is a symbol of beginning of summer. 7. Children celebrate Mother’s day with their mothers. Santa Claus, to give, presents, wants, to children. Decorate, a Christmas tree, people. To destroy, he, a Parliament, tried. People, fireworks, make, on that day, burn, and, straw man. Give, greeting cards, to each other, and, sweet hearts, people. And witches, people, like, ghosts, dress themselves, and, scary masks, make. Express, their love, children, presents, and give. With green shamrocks, decorate, people, houses, and streets. People, on that day, wear, green clothes. Paint eggs, on that day, people, usually.