Презентация "Bad habits"

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Bad habits Good habits Improper food Improper food
  • Whether you reflected on the relation to a food? Perhaps, for a long time the developed habits prevent to grow thin to you?
  • Try to answer following questions:
  • 1. You consider necessary to eat everything put on a plate?
  • 2. Whether you ask additives on a visit to thank the mistress?
  • 3. Whether often you suffice on the run?
  • 4. Whether you вкусненькое, when at you are inclined to eat bad mood?
  • 5. Whether you agree on the additive even if feel satiety?
  • 6. When you раздражены, are excited, whether you eat more than usually?
  • 7. Whether you have a snack, reading or watching TV?
  • 8. You eat quickly?
  • 9. Whether you look in a refrigerator from idleness?
  • 10. Whether you can list everything, what you have eaten yesterday?
  • Wrong selection of a foodstuff, being summarised day by day, leads to serious deficiency of some nutritious components. "The convenient" meal of fast preparation, poor concerning useful components for life-support of an organism and rich with fats, sugar and salt, and also the chemicals used at their manufacturing, frequently makes a basis of a food allowance of the majority of us. When we eat in a similar way, fresh fruit and vegetables are automatically translated in the food category of "the second plan" while they should make a basis of a healthy food allowance. The same it is possible to tell and concerning a consumed liquid: the sweet aerated drinks and juice from concentrates cover from us consumption of usual water.
  • The way of consumption of food also has a direct communication with those problems about which there is a speech. Frequently we simply swallow of food, without having time to chew it plainly. It, in turn, causes problems with перистальтикой and, as consequence, locks which have turned to the present scourge of a modern society. Various medical products which will neutralise acid or have laxative an effect, only aggravate a problem as interfere with a normal current of physiological processes in an organism. The same it is possible to tell and about soothing tablets, tranquilizers and stimulators, pills for growing thin to which we address too often and sometimes without special necessity. It aggravates pressure already and without that the overloaded system. It is possible to continue further: caffeine, alcohol, nicotine... The Lack of formation and knowledge in the field of a food forms other problem only worsening a condition and without тою of already generated cellulitis: The wrong approach and abusing various diets. For the majority of people they became norm. In summary - deficiency of vital components of a food in an organism.
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