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Tempo and the European Language Portfolio
  • Chris Barker
What is the ELP?
  • 1 The Language Passport
  • 2 The Language Biography
  • 3 The Dossier
1 The Language Passport
  • describes language competence in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels
  • records formal qualifications and intercultural learning experiences
  • allows for self- and teacher-assessment
CEFR levels
  • Basic user: A1, A2
  • (Breakthrough, Waystage)
  • Independent user: B1, B2
  • (Threshold, Vantage)
  • Proficient user: C1, C2
  • (Effective Operational Proficiency, Mastery)
2 The Language Biography
  • enables learners to plan and assess their learning
  • gives learners a chance to state what they can do
3 The Dossier
  • offers learners the opportunity to select written work (including projects) and recorded materials (audio, video) to illustrate their achievements
The Dossier
  • How would you introduce the idea of the dossier to your students?
  • What would a good dossier contain?
Tempo Useful websites
  • www.nacell.org.uk ( ‘Resources’  ‘Junior European Language Portfolio’ for a free download
  • www.coe.int/portfolio for information about the Portfolio and examples of accredited Portfolios
How to learn a language Guy Browning, Guardian, 03/12/05
  • ‘Hello’
  • ‘Please’
  • ‘Excuse me’
  • ‘Thank you’
  • ‘I’ve lost my passport’
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How to learn a language
  • In Chinese, they have 19 tones, three of which are sarcastic, so it’s a great language to learn if you want to be sarcastic with a billion other people.
  • 2
How to learn a language
  • Finding a native speaker who will talk to you is a big help. A native speaker means someone who speaks the language very, very fast and who hasn’t yet learned to speak the language as clearly as you have. Make sure this person likes you, otherwise they will speed up rather than slow down.
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How to learn a language
  • Remember, the natives will always appreciate you making an effort to speak their language - and giving them hours of amusement.
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