Презентация "Our Fragile Planet. What are people doing?" 9 класс

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Our Fragile Planet What are people doing? THE TIME HAS COME TO STOP and THINK Keys

Ex. 1

Continue the sentences:

1. Air pollution is cause by …

2. The thick grey cloud above cities is ….

3. On the streets and roads there are millions of …

4. Rivers are polluted by ….

5. Is it a solution to wear … on the faces?

6. The average temperature is getting higher which is cause of …

7. … are harmful to the environment.

8. Every year tons of …is poured into the seas as a result … are dying or actually disappearing.

9. Go to the seaside and you will see …

10. … is becoming dirtier and dirtier.

The possible answers

  • fumes of cars, plants, factories
  • Smog
  • cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes and so on
  • chemical wastes
  • Masks
  • Global warming
  • Plastic bottles and bags
  • Oil, fish and sea animals
  • Litter
  • Drinkable water

I must turn off water while cleaning my teeth.

I must plant more trees.

I must turn off lights when leaving the room.

I must use less computer and more be in the open air.

I must tell my mum not to take plastic bags in the shops and have bags in environmentally friendly materials.

I can make houses for birds to live in wintertime.

I can collect old books and newspapers and carry them to the recycling centres.

I should ask my father not to take me to school by car. I can go on foot, as I live not so far from school.

I should use both sides of the paper I haven’t done earlier.

We will try to avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles. I don’t want my children to live in the plastic world.