Самостоятельная работа "Инфинитив" 8 класс

I Variant
Put “to” before the infinitive where it is necessary.
1 . My son asked me … let him … go to the club.
2 . You must make him … practice an hour a day.
3 . She was made … repeat the song.
4 . He is not sure that it can … be done, but he is willing … try.
5 . Let me … help you with your work.
6 . She asked me … read the letter carefully and … write an answer.
7 . You ought … take care of your health.
8 . I looked for the book everywhere but could not … find it.
9 . He was seen … leave the house.
10 . We had … put on our overcoats because it was cold.
11 . The man told me not … walk on the grass.
12 . Have you heard him … play the piano?
13 . You had better … go there at once.
14 . I would rather not … tell them about it.
15 . We shall take a taxi so as not … miss the train.
II Variant
Use the appropriate form of the infinitive.
1 . They want (to take) to the concert by their father.
2 . I am glad (to do) all the homework yesterday.
3 . This plant is known (to produce) tractors.
4 . He wants his son (to become) a lawyer.
5 . The enemy army was reported (to overthrow) the defense lines and (to advance) towards the suburbs
of the city.
6 . He seems (to know) French very well: he is said (to spend) his youth in Paris.
7 . You had better (to call) our distributors at once.
8 . We are happy (to invite) to the party.
9 . That firm is reported (to conduct) negotiations for the purchase of sugar.
10 . It seemed (to snow) heavily since early morning: the ground was covered with a deep layer of snow.
11 . He didn’t hear me (to knock) at the door.
12 . I want (to inform) of her arrival.
13 . Our sportsmen are proud (to win) the cup.
14 . He is known (to work) on the problem for many years.
15 . The representative of the firm asked for the documents (to send) by air mail.