Тест “Travelling” 7 класс

Тестовая работа по английскому языку по теме “Travelling 7 класс
Фамилия, имя_____________________________________________________________________
I.Yura is speaking about his stay in Sochi. Listen to him and choose the right item.
1. Yura’s holidays were (not very good, good, very good).
2. He is speaking about his trip (to Moscow, to Sochi, abroad).
3. They travelled by (car, plane, train).
4. Yura’s family stayed (in a hotel, with friends, in a house on the beach).
5. They (drove, ran, walked).
6. The weather was (good, rainly, cold).
7. Yura’s family usually had dinner (in the hotel, at their friends, in a café at the sea).
8.Yura wants to go this place again (in autumn, in winter, in summer).
II. Read the text and match them with the titles under the numbers. There is one extra number.
1.A page from diary 2.A holiday abroad 3. Where to stay in Yaroslavl 4.Weather in June 5.His
a) Vlad likes swimming a lot. In autumn, winter and spring he goes to the swimming bath five days
a week. In summer he goes to the beach. He enjoys swimming in the sea.
b) If you come to this old Russian city and would like to do it, you can stay in one of the hotels. A
lot of them situated in the centre.
c) It is a warm summer month. Sometimes it is rainy but in doesn’t rain a lot. It is usually very
sunny. It is pleasant to stay out.
d) Saturday,15
I had a trip to Suzdal with my parents. We went there by car. My dad drove his car. We got to
the town at 12.I saw a lot of interesting things. We did the city and its museums. I like it a lot.
a)________ b)_________ c)________ d)________extra)__________
III. Complete this text, choose the right forms of the verbs and write them.
Last summer I (быть)____________abroad for three weeks. My father (ехать, идти)_________ to
France on business and (брать)____________me with him. In Paris we
(останавливаться)________________in a hotel. We usually (завтракаем)________________breakfast
early in the morning. Then my dad (ехать)_____________to work and I (ехатькупаться)___________ to
the swimming bath. I (плавать)___________there. When I (приезжать)____________ to Paris,
I(знать)_________________only two or three French words. Soon I
(начинать)_______________(понимать)__________________ French. Dad’s friends
(учить)__________me.I think I can (говорить)___________ French a little now.
IV. Write Dictation.
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