Контрольная работа "Using of some, much,a lot of,how many/much" 4 класс

I. Find the odd word (Найди лишнее слово):
1) potato 2) carrot 3) kitchen 4) apple 5) salt
II. Mark where we can use “some”. (Отметь, где мы можем употребить “some”):
1) olive oil 2) jam 3) play 4) juice 5) read 6) porridge 7) ride 8) chips
III. Find the odd word out (Найди лишнее слово):
1) a carton of milk / yogurt /chicken
2) a packet of meat / spaghetti /biscuits
3) a jar of cola / honey / jam
4) a bottle of lemonade / water / flour
IV. Find the sentence that is not interrogative. (Найди предложение, которое не
является вопросительным)
1. May I have some more lemonade, please.
2. We like chocolate.
3. What’s your favourite vegetable.
4. Are you in Year 4A.
5. Does your mum cook well.
V. Choose and write (Выбери и напиши): How much / how many.
1. ______________ cheese have you got?
2. _________________ milk is there in the fridge?
3. _________________ apples do you need for your cake?
4. _______________ pepper do you add (добавляешь) in your porridge?
5. ____________ packets of biscuits have you got?
VI. Choose and write (Выбери и напиши): a lot / many / much:
1. There isn’t ____________ sugar in the tea.
2. There are ______________of oranges and mangoes in the basket.
3. Are there ____________ potatoes at home? Yes, there are ___________.
4. Are there _____________ eggs in the fridge? No, not ______________.
5. How ______________ milk do you drink every day? Not _______________.
VII. Match the phrases (Соотнеси фразы):
1 May I leave the classroom?
a) Sure. That’s 67 pence.
2 May I eat a sandwich in my bedroom?
b) I think only two.
3 Can I have a tin of beans, please?
c) No, you may not. It’s still too hot.
4 How many lemons do we need?
d) Yes, but don’t be too long.
5 May I taste the apple pie now?
e) No, you may not. Eat it in the kitchen!