Промежуточная контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс

Semi-Final Test
1.Present and Past.
1.-…this week?
A. Is Susan working B.Does Susan work C. Does work Susan
2. Tom… his hand when he was cooking dinner.
A. burnt B. was burning C. has burnt
3. Jim is away on holiday. He… to Spain.
A. is gone B. has gone C. has been
4. Everything is going well. We… any problems so far.
A. didn’t have B. don’t have C. haven’t had
5. You’re out of breath. …?
A. Are you running B. Have you run C. Have you been running
6. We’re good friends. We… each other for a long time.
A. know B. have known C. have been knowing D. knew
7. The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he… before
A. hasn’t flown B. didn’t fly C. hadn’t flown D.wasn’t flying
8…a car when they were living in London?
A.Had they B. Did they have C. Were they having D. Have they had
9. I… television a lot but I don’t any more.
A. was watching B. was used to watch C. used to watch
10. Mary… to China at 5:00 tomorrow morning.
A. flies B. was flying C. is flying
11. The bank… by the time I got there.
A. closes B. closed C. had closed
12. They… for two hours when they stopped for a rest.
A. have been driving B. had been driving C. were driving
13. Tina… while Bob was watering the flowers.
A. cooked B . has been cooking C. was cooking
14. Computers… more and more efficient.
A. are becoming B. become C. is becoming
15. Linda… every day for the last six months.
A. exercises B. is exercising C. has been exercising
16.- What is she doing?- She… the flowers.
A. is smelling B. smells C. has been smelling
17. The moon… round the sun.
A. is going B. goes C. was going
2. Modal verbs.
1. They have got a huge house. They… be rich.
A. needn’t B. can C. must
2. You… walk on the grass in the park.
A. needn’t B. must C. mustn’t
3. Take an umbrella with you when you go out. It…rain later.
A. may B. might C. can D. could
4. What was wrong with you? Why… go to hospital?
A. had you to B.did you have to C. must you
5. Jane… a car.
A. suggested that I buy B. suggested that I should buy C. suggested me to buy
3. Passive voice.
1.- Where…? – In London.
A. were you born B. are you born C. have you been born D. did you born
2. There’s somebody walking behind us. I think….
A. we’re following B. we are being followed C. we’re followed
3. I learnt to swim when I was very young. I… by my mother.
A. was being taught B. was being teached C. was taught
4. The report… by the end of the week.
A. will finish B. will be finished C. will have been finished
5. While we were talking the cassette…
A. was recorded B.was being recorded C. was recording
6. When Nick came home from work the dinner…
A. had been cooked B. was cooked C. had been cooking
4. Question tags.
1. I am late,…? 6. This is Tom’s car,…?
2. Let’s go shopping,…? 7. You don’t like cooking,…?
3. He exercises every day,…? 8. Sam went to the cinema yesterday,…?
4. Don’t be long,…? 9. You’ll call me,…?
5. I’m not mistaken,…? 10. You’ve got a CD player,…?
5.Infinitive and ing-form.
1. I like … the kitchen as often as possible.
A. cleaning B. clean C. to clean D. that I clean
2. Are you looking forward… Ann again?
A.seeing B. to see C. to seeing
3. He had made his decision and refused… his mind.
A. to change B. changing C. having changed
4. The water here isn’t very good. I’d avoid… it.
A. drinking B. to drink C. drink
5. They usually go… on Fridays.
A. shop B. shopping C. to shopping
6. Joe went to work without… breakfast this morning.
A. have B. having had C. having
7. You’d better… your parents now.
A. phone B. to phone C. phoning
8. My parents let me… TV till 11 o’clock in the evening.
A. watching B to watch C. watch
9…. is a good form of exercise.
A. to walk B. walking C. to be walking
10. They managed… the door.
A. to open B. opening C. opened
11. This café isn’t worth….
A. visiting B. to visit C. being visited
12. How about… to the cinema?
A. to go B. going C. go
6.Reported Speech.
Turn the sentences into the Reported Speech:
1. “Where are you going?”, Susan said to us.
2. “Did you go to the dentist yesterday?”, Bob said to his son.
3. “ Can I use your telephone?”, the man said to me.
4. “ Don’t be late, please”, the teacher said to us.
5. “ I’ve just cooked dinner”, the mother said to John.
6. “Where is Kevin?”, Lisa said to her friends.
7. “ We’ll call you tomorrow”, Kate said to Nick.