Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 4 класса

Final control work for the 4
Учитель Буланихина Юлия Александровна
МБОУ СОШ № 12 г.Волжского.
I. Read the text and write True or False.
About myself.
My name is Sandy Raddle. I live in a small town next to New York. There are three
bedrooms in our flat. We also have a large sitting room, a kitchen and my dad’s study.
I go to school specializing in Maths. My brother and I have Maths lessons six times a
week. My favourite day is Saturday because I stay at home and have a rest. On
Saturday I get up at 9 and have breakfast. My mum cooks porridge with fruit but I like
sausages and eggs. In the afternoon I watch TV, listen to music or walk with my
friends. In the evening I surf the Internet or read.
1. Sandy lives in a big city.
2. There are six rooms in the flat.
3. Sandy’s school specializing in English.
4. Sandy’s favourite day is Sunday.
5. Sandy likes sausages and eggs.
II. Choose the correct item.
1. Where is Nick? He _________ in his bedroom.
a) reads b) is reading c) will read
2. She just_________a picture.
a) has drawn b) drew c) draws
3. Mona _________ Maths very much.
a) likes b) liked c) like
4. I _________ this poem next week.
a) learnt b) will learn c)learn
5. Yesterday they _________ late.
a) come b)came c)has come
6. My brother does not eat ________ sweets.
a) many b ) much c) a lot of
7. Steve_________swim very well.
a) is b) can c) like
8. His collection_________nice!
a) am b) are c) is
9. Last week they_________at the cinema.
a) were b) was c) are
10. Did Peter drink________milk?
a) many b) much c) a lot of
III. Ask questions using the words in brackets:
1. She has arrived in Paris,________?
2. Andrew will visit us tomorrow (Who).
3. It is raining today (snowing).
4. They went on a holiday last summer (When).
5. Mrs. Smith collects dolls. (What)
IV. Complete the sentences with the right prepositions:
at, by, on, of(2), in(5)
1. People often travel … trains.
2. He usually gets up … 7 o’clock.
3. We wear shorts and caps … summer.
4. The students have got 5 lessons … Monday.
5. Sandy always watches TV … the evening.
6. There is a sofa … the corner of the room.
7. I am proud … my son.
8. She was born … 2005.
9. My brother is fond … animals.
10. The British people celebrate Christmas … December.
I 1 False
2 True
3 False
4 False
5 True
II 1 b 6 a
2 a 7 b
3 a 8 c
4 b 9 a
5 b 10 b
III 1 hasn’t she ?
2 Who will visit us tomorrow ?
3 Is it raining or snowing today ?
4 When did they go on a holiday ?
5 What does mrs. Smith collect ?
IV 1 by 6 in
2 at 7 of
3 in 8 in
4 on 9 of
5 in 10 in