Дидактические задания для 5 класса по английскому языку

Дидактические задания для 5 класса
1.Заполни пропуски.
My name (1)… Mike. I am an (2)… boy. I live (3)… London. I (4)… twelve. I am (5)… pupil of
the (6)… form. I (7)… to school. I (8)… a family. (9)… family isn’t large. My father’s (10)… is
John. He (11)… a doctor at a hospital. He (12)… his work. My mother (13)… a teacher at
(14)…. She likes (15)… work. We (16)... a happy family.
1. a) are b) is c) am
2. a) Russian b)English c) England
3. a) in b) on c) at
4. a) a b) is c) am
5. a) the b) an c) a
6. a) six b) sixth c) a
7. a) go b) goes c) am
8. a) has b) have c)am
9. a) My b) I c) Her
10. a) name b) names c) work
11. a) has b)is c)are
12. a) like b)likes c)is
13. a)is b)has c)does
14. a)school b)hospital c) office
15. a)my b)his c) her
16. a)are b)have c) dо
2. Выбери название для каждого текста.
Christmas Day St.Valentine’s Day
Hallowe’en New Year’s Day
Mother’s Day Easter
1.On this day children help at home and give or send cards and presents. Mothers like this
2.On this day people usually visit their friends. There is a lot of dancing and eating. People bring
a piece of coal for good luck.
3.On this day people send cards to their parents, friends and relatives. People put trees in their
rooms and decorate them with toys and coloured lights. Children find presents in their stockings.
4.People send cards to people they love. They should not write their names on the cards. Those
who get them must guess who send them.
5.On this day children eat chocolate eggs. Sometimes parents hide eggs in the house or in the
garden and children look for them.
6.On this day they say ghosts and witches come out. Children make lanterns out of pumpkins.
Some people have parties and dress as witches and ghosts on this day.
Winter Summer
Spring Autumn
1.It is not cold, but it is not hot. The days are short. The leaves on the trees are not green, they
are yellow and red. Children go to school.
2.It is cold. The days are short. The night are long. There is a lot of snow in the fields and in the
streets. Children play snowballs in the yard.
3.It is cool, but sometimes it is warm. The weather’s fine. There are first flowers in the parks.
We all like this season.
4.It is warm. Sometimes it is hot. The weather is usually fine. There are many flowers in the
parks. Children like this season very much.
3. Выбери правильный ответ на вопрос.
1.How old are you?
a) I am a pupil.
b) I am 12.
c) I go to school.
2. How are you?
a) OK. Thanks.
b) My name is Mary.
c) I am 12.
3. What is your name?
a) I am10.
b) My name is John.
c) All right/
4. Do you play football?
a)Yes, I am.
b) No, I don’t.
c) No, I am not.
5. Are you a pupil?
a) Yes, you are.
b) Yes, I am.
c) No, he isn’t.
6. Good bye.
a) Thanks.
b) Bye-bye.
c) No, I amn’t.
7. Did you go to the cinema?
a) Yes, I did.
b) Yes, I am.
c) No, I don’t.
8. Let’s go to a concert?
a) OK.
b) I am not.
c) I am 10.
9. Where are you from?
a) He is from Russia.
b) I am from England.
c) I am English.
10. Have you got a dog?
a) Yes, I do.
b) Yes, I have.
c) No, I didn’t.