Итоговый тест по английскому языку 6 класс

Final Test (the 6
Task 1 Write the correct past forms of the irregular verbs.
Take, speak, keep, win, be, see, leave, say, understand, eat, give, hear, fight, know, think.
Task 2 Choose the right answer.
1) They usually go to school … foot.
a) in; b) on; c) by
2) It’s safe to travel … train.
a) by; b) on; c) in
3) Her birthday is … 10 October.
a) at; b) in; c) on
4) I usually get up … half past six.
a) on; b) at; c) in
5) He likes to look at the Moon ... night.
a) at; b) by; c) in.
6) We always go fishing and swimming …. summer.
a) on; b) in; c) at
7) My friends have 6 lessons … Wednesday.
a) by; b) at; c) on
8) He’s travelling … the 8 o’clock train.
a) in; b) of; c) by.
Task 3 Rewrite the following sentences in the past simple Tense. Use the words in brackets.
1. We go to the cinema on Sundays (last Sunday).
2. She has a cold (простуда) (a week ago).
3. It is a lovely day today(yesterday).
4. I see Carol on the bus every day (last Tuesday).
5. They often travel to London (a month ago).
Task 4 Write 5 sentences you do every day.
1. ________________________________________________.
2. ________________________________________________.
3. ________________________________________________.
4. ________________________________________________.
5. ________________________________________________.
Task 5 Open the brackets using the right forms of the verbs: Present Simple, Past Simple,
Present Continuous.
1. Paul (find) a wallet in the bus yesterday.
2. Look! They (dance) in the street!
3. Peter (like) playing board games.
4. Ken (have) a shower now.
5. I (go) to see my family every weekend.
6. Walt Disney (die) in 1966.
7. Mark (not sing) at the karaoke last night.
Task 6 Make the following sentences negative and interrogative. For interrogative
sentences use the words in the brackets.
1) She got a leaflet yesterday. (Did…..?)
2) We are watching a detective story on TV. (What…?)
3) Nick feels happy. (Who….?)
Task 7 Choose the right word.
1) He is doing/ making the decorations for the party.
2) They do/ make the dusting every day.
3) My mum makes/ does delicious cakes.
4) Do/ Make a report about this poet!
5) Max never does/ makes his homework properly. He is very lazy.
Task 8 Match the Russian and English equivalents.
a) Are you fond of rock music?
b) Is he keen on modern arts?
c) Mary is good at Maths.
d) Scrabble is a very exciting board
e) They are mad about dancing.
f) I’m afraid it’s too expensive.
1) «Эрудит»- это увлекательная
настольная игра.
2) Они с ума сходят по танцам.
3) У Мэри хорошо идёт математика.
4) Боюсь, что это слишком дорого.
5) Он увлекается современными
6) Тебе нравится рок музыка?
Task 9 Read the text.
My friend Karen is a very busy person. When she’s not doing her homework or studying, she is
out of fun.
On Tuesdays, she goes swimming after school. She practices a lot because she is in the school
team. Then, on Wednesdays, she goes to music club. On Thursdays, she meets her friends for a
cup in town. Then. On Fridays, she watches cartoons or plays scrabble with her sister.
At the weekend, Karen always spends time with her family. She usually helps her mum around
the house and sometimes her dad takes her windsurfing.
Answer the questions.
1. What school team does Karen belong to?
2. What does she do on Wednesdays?
3. When does she meet her friends?
4. Which board game does the girl like to play?
5. What activity does Karen do with her dad?
6. Who does she spend her family with?