Итоговый тест по английскому языку для 9 класса

МКОУ «Дружбинская СОШ»
Итоговый тест
по английскому языку
для 9 класса
Разработала: Магомедова Патимат Курбановна
учитель английского языка
Итоговый тест по английскому языку для 9 класса
Choose the right variant.
1. My parents ….. in the garden for 3 hours.
a) works b) are working c) has been working d) have been working
2. Kate ….. while we were having dinner.
a) phoned b)is phoning c) has phoned d) was phoning
3. If I am not mistaken, this article ….. last week.
a) published b) was published c) had been published d) is publishing
4. English ….. in many countries.
a) speaks b) is speaking c) is spoken d) were spoken
5. ….. Amazon flows into ….. Atlantic Ocean.
a) the; the b) the; c) ; the d) ;
6. You ….. take a bus to get to the museum. It’s far from here.
a) should b) may c) must d) has to
7. It was a very difficult text. I ….. look up a lot of words in a dictionary.
a) must b) have to c) had to d) can
8. In the past people protected ….. by high walls.
a) they b) himself c) their d)themselves
9. Don’t ask me for help. You must do it …. .
a)yourself b) you c) your d) herself
10. Suddenly John left the room. He said he ….. go.
a) had to b) has to c) have to d) must
11. They claimed they ….. the law.
a)haven’t broken b)were not breaking c)hadn’t broken d)wouldn’t be
12. He asked us what ….. .
a) was the problem b) are the problem c) the problem is d) the problem
13. I wanted ….. to learn this poem by heart.
a) he b) him c) his d) me
14. I will ask Tom if I ….. him tomorrow.
a) will see b) see c) sees d) saw
15. He ….. his exam last month if he had worked harder.
a) would have passed b) had passed c) passed d) will have passed
16. She would be happy if she ….. him at the party.
a) meet b) had met c) met d) has met
17. There were conflicts in our class and we decided to work ….. rules of
a) out b) on c) with d) for
18. People always ….. the world.
a) explore b) search c) study d) examine
19. The Scottish symbol is a wild plant called the ….. .
a) Red Rose b) Leek c) Shamrock d) Thistle
20. People who respect each other’s ideas can ….. conflicts in a peaceful way.
a) decide b) resolve c) have d) avoid
21. My friend broke her leg last week. I hope she will get ….. soon.
a) along b) back c) over d) away
22. My sister-in-law spend all her free time reading books. She is a real ….. .
a) bore b) bookworm c) chatterbox d) fusser
23. I am going to be a ….. because I like animals and birds.
a) vet b) lawyer c) surgeon d) waiter
24. They were not allowed ….. their presents until Christmas morning.
a) open b) opening c) to opening d) to open