Фразы-клише для задания 3 устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку

Задание 3: описать 1 фото из 3 по плану:
0) вводное предложение
1) когда было сделано фото
2) кто/что изображен(о)
3) что происходит
4) почему снял это фото
5) почему решил показать
6) заключительное предложение
- Well, I have chosen to show you photo number 2.
- I took it a month ago when I was …ing … (walking along the street, walking in the park,
travelling abroad, spending my free time in the countryside,).
- I had a camera in my hand and I took a photo.
- I remember that day very well.
2) Назвать общую картину + перечислить 2-3 самых важных объекта.
- This photo shows … .
- In this photo you can see … (a street, a city, a forest, an animal, a person, …)
- This is a picture of (a street, a city, a forest, an animal, a person, …)
- In the foreground/center of the photo there is/are … .
- In the background one can see a … .
- On the left/right … .
- Up/down the photo … .
- He/she is wearing …
- He/she has got … (a tattoo, piercing, an umbrella, …)
- He/she is carrying … (a bag, a suitcase, …)
- He/she looks … (happy, sad, serious, angry, tired, bored, …)
- As you see, … Continuous Present/Past
- I took this photo occasionally but I keep it because it reminds me … .
- I took this photo because I like such unusual scenes.
- I took this photo to keep memory.
- I adore …
- I love doing it.
- It looks great.
- It makes me want to try it.
- It makes me want to go there.
- It makes me think about life.
- It's not a very common situation.
- That's why I took the photo.
- So, I decided that it was not a bad idea to show this photo to somebody.
- I want you to see this photo because …
- I would like you to see this photo because …
- … you are interested in … .
- … you like …, too.
- I decided to show you this photo
because you like unusual objects.
because you like romantic situations like these.
because I want you to smile.
because I want your mood to rise.
because I wanna raise you mood.
because I want you to remember our previous holidays.
because I want to demonstrate you my skills of a photographer.
- OK. That's all.