Контроль лексико-грамматических навыков по модулю 7 (Spotlight 8)

Контроль лексико-грамматических навыков по модулю 7 (Spotlight 8)
Task 1. Fill in: timetable, certificate, headlines, connect, extension, download, newsreader,
media, impact, grapevine.
1. Young people these days use high-tech gadgets as an … of themselves.
2. Have the students got their new school … yet?
3. It takes some time to … video files.
4. The … is really good at his job.
5. Have you seen the shocking … in The Times?
6. She dreamed of working in the … after graduating from university.
7. We couldn’t ... to the Internet because the strong wind had torn down the electricity
8. After three months of studying, he has finally got his course ….
9. Genetic Engineering will have a great … on the 21
10. She heard on the … that Judith has got a promotion.
Task 2. Form compound nouns using the words in the list and then use them to
complete the sentences.
arm flower
bed ache
head brush
sun room
tooth chair
1. My grandfather used to sit in this … enjoying the beautiful view to the mountains.
2. As soon as he checked into the hotel, he found out that he had forgotten his ….
3. John had been suffering from a severe ….
4. Sheila turned everything upside down in the … but she still couldn’t find the earring.
5. There was an enormous field of … among us.
Task 3. Complete the sentences with the correct modal verb: might, need, must, mustn’t,
can’t, could, should, needn’t, don’t have to, may.
1. Students … do all their projects today, they can finish them tomorrow.
2. Jane is not answering my calls. She … be sleeping.
3. “... you open the window, please?”, she asked.
4. “... I go outside and read under a tree?”, Mary asked.
5. I haven’t seen Thomas today, he … have been absent from school.
6. You … respect your parents and obey them.
7. You … talk during the lesson.
8. She … have bought apples as I had already done it.
9. Robert … have done his homework already, it’s impossible.
10. We … to decide who will be responsible for the project.
Task 4. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct preposition.
1. Don’t give … trying your best.
2. I am going to visit Steven and give ... some books I borrowed.
3. You shouldn’t trust this person as he likes to give … other people’s secrets.
4. I gave … all my toys to the younger kids.
5. Can you give … these pictures to your classmates.
Task 5. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.
1. She is always so mean … others that’s why nobody likes her.
2. He tried to blame his classmate … the thing he didn’t do but nobody believed him.
3. We met a new colleague who came … Italy.
4. She always cares … animals abandoned on the streets.
5. He was absent … school as he left for Moscow to visit his grandparents.