Упражнения для развития лексико-грамматических навыков для учащихся 4-х классов

Упражнения для развития лексико-грамматических навыков
для учащихся 4-х классов
Практические цели:
Развитие навыков чтения
Общеобразовательные цели:
Развитие общего и филологического кругозора
Расширение словарного запаса
Развивающие цели:
Развитие памяти
Развитие внимания
Воспитательные цели:
Формирование у учащихся интереса к культуре и народу
страны изучаемого языка
Fill in the gaps
best Europe love are bigger world famous
Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It is the biggest city in Russia and in …. .
The people of Moscow are called Muscovites. Moscow has got 96 parks and 18
gardens. The Central Park of Culture and Rest is a park on the Moskva River.
Izmaylovsky Park is one of the biggest parks in the … . It is six times … than New
York’s Central Park! The Neskuchniy Garden is Moscow’s oldest park. Other
popular places in Moscow… the Moscow Zoo and the largest botanical garden in
Europe.I … Moscow. It is the … city in the world.
Answer the question.
What are the popular places in Moscow?
Help the dolphins
help clever rubbish fish people river hear
Dolphins are beautiful and animals. There are sea and dolphins. Their
size ranges from 1.2 metres and 40 kilos up to 9.5 metres and 10 tonnes. Dolphins
can swim very fast. They can see in and out of the water. They can very well,
too. When we think of dolphins we always picture them jumping in and out of the
water, playing with other dolphins or . But a lot of dolphins die these days.
People fish all their food and dolphins haven’t got any … to eat. All the … , plastic
and the chemicals kill dolphins as well. Let’s … dolphins! We need them.
Answer the questions.
1. Can dolphins see out of the water?
2. Why do dolphins die?
Breakfast in Russia
also important eat sausages popular drink
Breakfast in Russia is a very …. meal because the weather is very cold and we
need to eat something warm and healthy to start the day. Some people coffee
for breakfast, but hot tea is more . There are lots of different kinds of bread to
eat. Brown bread is very traditional in Russia. Blini (pancakes), and fried eggs
are also typical things to …. for breakfast. Kasha (porridge) is very popular,
especially as a breakfast for children. We eat it with tvorog (a kind of cottage
cheese) and sugar.
Answer the questions.
1. What kind of bread is traditional in Russia?
2. What are some typical things to eat for breakfast?
The history of potatoes
ill leaves bring taste famous servants sure
Sir Walter Raleigh was the first to … potatoes to the UK. He was a … sailor
and worked for Queen Elizabeth 1. He sailed to America and brought the potatoes
back with him. His… planted the potatoes on Sir Walter Raleigh’s farm in Ireland.
He offered potatoes to the Queen as a gift. She invited everyone to a feast at her
palace to …. the potatoes. The cooks were not … what to do with the potatoes.
They decided to cook the … and threw the potatoes into the bin. Everyone at the
feast was very … . These days, everyone in the UK eat potatoes – the right way!
Answer the questions.
1. Where did Sir Walter Raleigh sail to?
2. Where was the feast?
3. What did the cooks do?
My healthy life
scared look cereal do bad many
Hello, my name is Victor. I am quite fit and healthy. I always go to bed early.
In the morning I … exercise and eat … for breakfast. I always eat a lot of
vegetables: carrots, potatoes and others. I am good at sport. I love riding a bike and
skateboarding. But we mustn’t skateboard in the countryside. I love nature and we
must … after plants and trees. We must look after ourselves, too. We shouldn’t eat
sweets and drink much Cola. They are for our teeth. I always visit the
dentist. I am not … of him. I am a healthy boy!
Answer the questions.
1. What does Victor eat for breakfast?
2. Why we mustn’t eat many sweets?
Krasnaya Polyana
spend resort famous from get
Krasnaya Polyana is the best ski and snowboard in Russia. The 2014 Winter
Olympics will take place there. The resort is for its excellent ski slopes and
wonderful hotels. The lifts are fast and the local rescue team is the best in Russia.
Krasnaya Polyana is 45 km Adler City. There is an airport and a train station in
Adler City, which makes it easy to ... to the resort. Hundreds of Moscow skiers and
snowboard riders … weekends at Krasnaya Polyana during the winter.
Answer the question.
What is Krasnaya Polyana famous for?
The history of Valentine’s Day
tradition marry flowers celebrate visited Emperor
Every February, all over the world, people exchange sweets, flowers and gifts
in the name of St.Valentine. But who was St.Valentine? Why do we …Valentine’s
day on the 14
of February? Why do we give and cards? Some people believe
that Father Valentine was a priest during the third century. The Roman … Claudius
didn’t want his soldiers to marry. But Father Valentine continued to them in
secret. When Claudius found out, he put Father Valentine in prison.
When Father Valentine was in prison, the young couples he married … him
secretly and gave him flowers and thank-you notes. That’s how the of giving
flowers and cards started.
Answer the questions.
1. Who was Father Valentine?
2. How did the tradition of giving flowers and cards start?
Max’s medal
months know angry stupid home read little medal
“There” said Olga, as she finished putting a little silver on Max’s collar.
“Don’t look sad, Max” said Olga. “Now, if you ever get lost, someone can … your
name and address on this and bring you home” But Max was very angry. “What a
… thing to do! A big dog like me, nearly six … old. I can’t get lost” And he started
walking away from the house. Suddenly Max turned around and he couldn’t see
the house. He didn’t where he was. “Where is my house? Where is Olga?” Just
then a girl and her mother opened the door. The mother looked at the
medal.”Here is his name and address” she said. “MAX 34 KING ROAD. Take him
…, Anna” So Anna took Max home and Olga was very happy to get him back.
Max is not … anymore. He feels sorry for little dogs who haven’t got a medal.
Answer the questions.
1. How old is Max?
2. Why did Olga put a medal on Max’s collar?
3. How did Max come home?
The hungry little dog
stayed plenty special kind became watched time walked
Once upon a …, there was a hungry little dog. He had no home, no name and
very often no food. Sometimes he was so hungry that he ate thing like paper bags.
He …. around the houses with a hungry look and … people gave him something to
eat. Sometimes the little dog was so excited that he knocked things over. People
thought the dog was mad. But he was not mad. He was just a dog. One day, a
man the funny little dog. The man was very surprised. “I’ve got an idea”, said
the man. “This dog is a great actor” The man took him home and gave him a name,
Lucky. Now, Lucky had … of food and a good home. Lucky was a great actor and
soon … famous. He ate what he liked for dinner, went out when he liked, and … in
bed late in the mornings. The little dog was very pleased with himself.”Woof!
Woof! I am not a hungry little dog now I AM FILM STAR!”
Answer the questions.
1. Why did people think the dog was mad?
2. How did the dog become famous?
The Fox and the Bear
speak plants agrees angry eat fair tops use
One day, Freddy the Fox goes to see Betty the Bear. Betty is in her garden.
“Can I your garden, dear Betty? I want to plant some carrots.” But how can
we divide them when they are ready?” Betty asks. “You can take the and I can
take the roots.” Freddy answers. Betty and Freddy plants some carrots. When
the carrots are ready, Betty calls Freddy.”Come, now, Betty,” says Freddy. “Let’s
divide the carrots. The tops are for you and the roots are for me.” ”This is not …!”
says Betty the Bear. “I cannot … the tops!” Betty the Bear is very angry. “No more
favours for Freddy!” she says.
But Freddy comes again and asks for another flavour.”Please, dear Betty,” he
says. “Let me use your garden. I want to plant some melons.” “OK,” says Betty;
“But this time I want the roots!” “OK,” says Freddy and he … some melons. When
the melons are ready Freddy calls Betty: “Let’s share the melons,” he says. He cuts
off the melon and puts them in his bag. “You can have the roots.” Betty is so
with herself that she goes into her house and doesn’t … to anyone.
Answer the questions.
1. What did Freddy the Fox want to plant?
2. Why was Betty the Bear so angry?