Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку 6 класс

Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку, 6 класс
Вариант 0
Выберите правильный ответ.
1. She … a good friend.
A) am B) are C) is
2. His birthday is… Sunday.
A) at B) in C) on
3. sixty-seven
A) 67 B) 76 C) 66
4. Множественное число от слова watch это:
А) watchs B) watches C) watchies
5. It’s a quarter past ten.
A) 15часов 10 минут B) 9 часов 45 минут C) 10 часов 15 минут
6. Единственное число от слова leaves:
А) leave B) leaf C) leav
7. The girls books
A) книги девочки B) книги девочек С) книга девочки
8. We… got three cousins.
A) have B) has C) am
9. There is…juice in the fridge.
A) a B) any C) some
10. How… bananas are there?
A) the B) many C) much
11. Определите время в предложение She is singing in the shower.
A) Present Continuous B) Past Continuous C) Past Simple
12. Can rabbits speak?
A) Yes, they can’t. B) No, they can’t. C) Yes, they can.
13. Форма третьего лица единственного числа от глагола marry:
A) marrys B) marries) C) marryes
14. We… Rome last year.
A) visits B) visited C) visit
15. …. he sleeping?
A) Is B) Does C) Do
16. My auntdance.
A) sometimes B) favorite C) can
Задание 1.
Заполните предложения. Используйте правильное притяжательное местоимение.
1. That’s Tina with____________dad.
2. Ann and I are with__________friends at the sport centre.
3. Jim and Robin are at home with___________cousins today.
4. Is that Tim with____________parents?
5. Here’s ____________ cake. It’s a chocolate one for me.
Задание 2.
Заполните предложения, используя подходящую форму глагола либо во времени Present
Simple, либо Present Continuous.
1. We (have)… lunch at noon.
2. He (drive) …to work, he can’t speak on the phone now.
3. Children usually (like)… sweets.
4. She (walk) ...to school every weekday.
5. Look! Your friends (play)… football.
Задание 3.
Заполните предложения. Используйте правильную форму прилагательного.
1. My table is … (big) than your table.
2. Winter is … (cold) than spring.
3. What is the … (intelligent) animal in the world?
4. What is the … (funny) joke that you know?
5. My brother is as…(polite) as me.
Задание 4.
Заполните предложения, используя подходящую форму глагола либо во времени Past
Simple, либо Past Continuous.
1. Last Tuesday I…(have) a birthday party.
2. It …(snow) all day.
3. She …(wait) for us for 3 hours.
4. I …(visit) my grandparents at weekends.
5. …. you…. (enjoy) your school trip?
6. ….they (watch) TV when you came?