Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку в 5 классе

Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку в 5 классе
І Вариант. (Ф.И.)____________________
1.Обведи лишнее слово
ice cream, bread, sausages, chicken, fish, bottle, rice.
2. Поставь артикль a/an
a) …banana e) …chair
b) …ice cream f) … armchair
c) …orange g) … sofa
d) …strawberry h) …lamp
3. Поставь нужную глагол связку am, is, are.
a) Kate and David … the best friends.
b) Polina Gagarina … a Russian singer.
c) My Tommy … a very clever puppy.
d) I … a very popular sportsmen.
e) Liza and I … sisters.
4. Напиши слова во множественном числе, не запутайся в окончаниях.
1. book _______________ 6. pen ____________________
2. box ________________ 7. foot ____________________
3. watch ________________ 8.mouse ___________________
4. lady _________________ 9.leaf _____________________
5.tomato ________________ 10.tooth ____________________
5.Обведи подходящее указательное местоимение.
1.This / These books are Tony`s.
2.Those / This gloves are from my mum.
3.That / These cap is from my dad.
4. This/ Those is our friend, Peter.
6. Вставь has, hasn`t, have, haven`t.
1- … you got a cat?
- No, I … got a cat, but I … got a parrot.
2. - Tom got a pen in your school bag?
- No, he … . But I … .
7. There is или There are?
1. There… some apples in my bag.
2. … there any carrots in our shop?
3. There … five windows in my house.
4.There … a carpet.
5. … there five chairs?
8. Вставь some, any, much, many.
- What have you got in your bag?
- I have got… bananas.
- Is there… pasta?
- No, there is not. There are…eggs.
- How…eggs are there?
-Not… . But there are …milk.
- How … milk is there?
- Not… .
- How… bottles of milk are there?
- There are not…bottles there, but there are…pockets.
9.Вставь can, can`t, must, mustn`t, will, won`t, should, shouldn`t.
a) - I have got a toothache.
- You… visit a dentist.
b) - … I take your umbrella?
- Yes, you … .
c) - … you open the door for me, please?
d) You…speak loudly in here!!!
10. Раскрой скобки используя Present Simple или Present Continuous.
1) Andy sometimes (read)____________ comics.
2) We never (watch)______________ TV in the morning.
3) Listen! Sandy (sing)____________ in the bathroom.
4) My sister usually (help)_______________ in the kitchen.
5) My mother (make)_________________ breakfast now.
6) They often (clean)_________________ the bathroom.
7) Look! The boys (come)_____________ home.
8) Every day his grandfather (go)______________for a walk.
9) I (chat)__________________with my friend at the moment.