I (школьный) этап Всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку 7 класс

I (школьный) этап Всероссийской олимпиады школьников
7 класс
Прослушайте рассказ. В заданиях (1-8) выберите правильный ответ. Вы
услышите запись дважды. Занесите свой ответ в таблицу.
1. How old is Harry?
a) 10 b) 13 c) 15
2. What word describes Harry’s house?
a) big b) beautiful c) small d) new
3. Does Harry share a bedroom?
a) Yes b) No
4. Which adjective describes Harry’s family in the morning?
a) quiet b) busy c) boring
5. Who is Harry’s mother making breakfast for?
a) Harry b) herself c) everyone d) Harry’s father
6. Who is the first person to leave the house every morning?
a) Harry b) Harrys father c) Harrys mother
7. Is Harry’s brother eating breakfast in the morning?
a) Yes b) No
8. What is Harry’s younger sister doing?
a) watching TV b) brushing her hair c) eating breakfast
Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (1-5), выбрав правильный
вариант ответа (ad). Занесите свой ответ в таблицу.
Jack and the Sailor
In a small village in England there lived a farmer. His name was Jack. His village was
far from the seashore, and he never saw the sea. He wanted to look at the sea very much,
but every day he worked on his farm and had no time to go to the seashore.
One day in winter, when there was much snow in the fields, he thought, There is
nothing to do in the fields now. I can have a holiday and go to the seashore.
When he came to the seashore, it was very cold there, and the sea was grey.
Oh! he thought, I do not like the sea. It is good that I am a farmer and not a sailor.
It must be dangerous to be a sailor.
On the seashore he met a sailor and they began to talk.
How can you love sea? said Jack. It is so cold and grey.
It is not always cold and grey, sometimes it is bright and beautiful. But I always love
it, said the sailor.
But it must be dangerous to be a sailor, said Jack.
When a man loves his work, he does not think of dangers. Every man in our family
loved the sea, said the sailor.
And where is your father now? asked Jack. He died at sea.
And your grandfather?
Died in the Atlantic Ocean.
And your brother?
A crocodile ate him in a river in India. Then, said Jack, if I were you ( на твоем
месте), I should never go to sea.
And where is your father? asked the sailor. Oh! He died in his bed, said Jack.
And where did your grandfather die?
In his bed, too.
Then, if I were you, said the sailor, I should never go to bed.
1. Jack never saw the sea because
a) he always had a lot of work.
b) he couldnt see the seashore.
c) he didnt want to look at the sea very much.
d) it was cold and grey.
2. Jack went to the seaside in winter because
a) there was much snow.
b) his village was far from the seashore.
c) he didnt have much work in winter.
d) the sea was bright and beautiful.
3. On the seashore Jack talked to a sailor because
a) the sea was cold and grey.
b) he wanted to talk about the sea.
c) the sea was dangerous.
d) he was a farmer.
4. The sailor didnt think of danger because
a) his father died at sea.
b) the sea was bright and beautiful.
c) he wasnt a farmer.
d) he loved his work.
5. By the last words the sailor wanted to say that
a) he never went to bed.
b) it was dangerous to go to bed.
c) he didnt want to be a farmer.
d) a man could die in any place.
Прочитайте письмо, которое прислал ваш друг по переписке по имени Norman
White, который живет в Англии. Напишите ответ и ответьте на его вопросы. Не
забудьте о правилах написания адреса и писем. Объем письма должен составить
60—70 слов (не считая адреса).
Dear friend,
Thank you for your letter. I was so glad to get it.
What are you doing now? I have a sore throat and have to stay in bed. All the
members of my family are having a good time. My brother is playing football at the
stadium. My sister Polly is doing her puzzle. My granny is knitting. My parents are
watching an interesting film. My dog Bobby is eating his favourite food. And I cant go
out or play. I dont want to eat and do anything. I feel so bad and unhappy!
What do you usually do when you have a cold? Are you often ill? What do you do to
be healthy and fit?
Maybe Ill have a good sleep now.
Please, write back.
Best wishes,
Прочитайте текст. Выберите ответ (ad) по смыслу. Занесите свой ответ в
Tim had a small shop. In his shop he sold milk, butter, cheese, eggs and other things.
His shop was open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and on
Sunday morning, but it was shut on Sunday afternoon and on Monday.
Tim went to some farms on Monday and bought their 1) _______ butter and cheese and
eggs from the farmers, but he bought his milk in the town.
2) the morning a car brought it to his shop, Tim and his wife worked in the shop, and they
sole a lot of their food, because 3)______ was good and clean.
A woman came into the shop on Saturday. She 4) _______ some eggs and some butter,
and then she said to the wife, Your eggs and your butter are expensive today. Why are
Saturday and Sunday 5) _______ than Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?”
6) ________ wife was unhappy. She looked at the woman, and then she looked at Tim,
but she did not give an answer. Then Tim smiled and said “Our food is not more
expensive on Saturday and Sunday! It is cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and
1 a) good b) better c) best d) well
2 a) on b) in c) at d) under
3 a) it b) its c) they d) them
4 a) buys b) buying c) buy d) bought
5 a) expensive b) more expensive c) most expensive d) expensivest
6 a) Tims’ b) Tims’s c) Tim’s d) Tim
Прочитайте текст. Измените слова, стоящие справа, так, чтобы они
грамматически соответствовали содержанию теста. Занесите свои ответы в
The Fox and the Grapes
Once a Fox went for a walk. The day 1) _______ hot and the sun be
was shining brightly. The Fox was very thirsty and wanted something
to drink. He could find no water but he saw some grapes.
These grapes looked fine and juicy and at 2) _______ the Fox was one
very glad. He started jumping to get the grapes, but he 3) ______ not can
get them.
They were too high above the 4) _______ head. Fox
These grapes may be very juicy, but I know that they are sour (кислые).
I 5) ________ these grapes any more, said the fox to himself and not want
6) _________ away. run