Контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс (О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева)

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс
( учебник 7 класс, авторы О. В. Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева)
1. Сhoose the right answer.
1. The line “Dawn is nigh, and pale grow the amber light” is taken from the song …….
A “Moscow suburb nights” C “Just for you”
B “You’re my sunshine” D “It’s a small world”
2. This holiday is a very important day for the Welsh, they celebrate it on March 1
A Guy Fawkes Day B The Trooping of the Colour C St David’s Day D. Swan Upping
3. On what holiday do people all over the country build wood fires in their gardens?
A Up-Helly-Aa B Christmas C Guy Fawkes Day D The State Opening of Parliament
4. On the day of Swan Upping the Queen’s swan keeper marks … swans.
A young B elder C old D yellow
5. Up-Helly-Aa is a party for the people of ….
A Wales B Russia C the Shetland Islands D England
6. Some English villages still have maypole dancing on …. .
A May 1
B March 1
C November 5
D December 25
7. At Highland Games you can find …
A sport competitions B sport competitions and Scottish dancing C sport competitions,
Scottish dancing and bagpipe music D Scottish dancing and bagpipe music
8. The Trooping of the Colour is a… .
A big parade B famous fairytale C territory D song
9. On this day the Welsh wear daffodils in the buttonholes of their coats or jackets.
A May Day B Up-Helly-Aa C St David’s Day D Guy Fawkes Day
10. ….. were called Mummers.
A Brave Vikings B The Queen’s soldiers C Fantastically dressed actors
D Visitors of Braemar Games
2. Fill in the words:
latest, last, cheerfully, almost, practises, close, shared, interpreter, dictionaries, keep
himself up-to-date with languages, memorize, faster.
I visited my friend (1) week and I met his cousin Alex there. He greeted me (2). We realized
(3) immediately that we could easily become (4) friends as we (5) a lot of interests.
Now it’s so pleasant to describe my new friend. Alex is an (6). He’s fond of reading (7). He
does it to (8) languages. His memory is fantastic, he can read and (9) a whole page in 5
minutes, it’s his (10) record. He (11) so hard that I think in a year he’ll be able to do it much
3. Choose the correct tense: present/past perfect, present/past perfect continuous:
1. John (learn) French for 6 years. I think he can help us with this task.
2. Lena’s voice sounds strange. She (cry)? – Oh, no, she (laugh).
3. What book you (read) all morning, dear?
4. Vera (work) as a doctor here since she left Voronezh.
5. You (fail) your exam. What a shame!
6. At midnight they realized they (talk) for more than 3 hours.
7. How long you (know) these people?
8. We always (want) to see Paris and now we are here!
9. Masha (do) all her homework by 6 o’clock.
10. After Mary (visit) her doctor she went to her mother.
4. Form the degrees of comparison of adjectives:
1. A.A. Milne’s book is still one of (popular) stories for children.
2. She’ll be (happy) in Moscow that in her native town.
3. This belt is much (narrow) than that one.
4. Her room is (untidy) of the three.
5. My sister can eat (many) chocolate bars than her classmates.
6. In Spain the climate is (mild) than in GB.
7. Vera was (pretty) girl in her class.
8. Who has (unusual) pet?
9. Vasya is as (tall) as Igor.
10. It’s an (exotic) tradition I’ve ever seen.
5. Complete the sentences with the right prepositions: through, on, over, up, down to,
out, into, upside down
1. Dear children! I think it’s time to get … our lesson.
2. Our parents hoped that we’ll get … all our problems.
3. Let me know if he turns … and you see him.
4. Gerda turned … to be a true friend.
5. The Ugly Duckling turned … a beautiful swan.
6. Please, turn … the light, it’s rather dark here!
7. The children turned the room … trying to find their keys.
8. There were so many people that I pushed my way … the crowd.
Ключи к заданиям:
№ 1
1A 2C 3C 4A 5C 6A 7C 8A 9C 10C
№ 2
1 last 2 cheerfully 3 almost 4 close 5 shared 6 interpreter 7 dictionaries
8 keep himself up-to-date with languages 9 memorize 10 latest 11 practises
12 faster
1 has been learning 2 has …been crying, has been laughing 3 have …been reading
4 has been working 5 have failed 6 had been talking 7 have…known
8 have wanted 9 had done 10 had visited
1 the most popular 2 happier 3 narrower 4 the untidiest 5 more
6 milder 7 the prettiest 8 the most unusual 9 tall 10 the most exotic
1 down to 2 over 3 up 4 out 5 into 6 on 7 upside down 8 through
Критерии оценивания
50б – 44б – «5»
43б – 39б – «4»
38б – 27б – «3»
< 26 б – «2»