Итоговый тест по английскому языку 7 класс (по учебнику Комаровой Ю.А., Ларионовой И.В.)

Итоговый тест 7 класс
1. Complete the words with the missing vowels
2. Make PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS questions. Then write
short answers
1. Maria/go swimming/ this afternoon? ×
2. your dad/work/ in the hospital?√
3. Carl/ have lunch/ at the moment?√
4. Lucia and Simona/study/ for the test?×
5. You/ like/ your English lessons? √
3. Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets
a. I …(see) Katie at the party last Saturday.
b. They ..(play) for two hours last night.
c. . (be) you at school yesterday?
d. I …(not have) pizza for dinner last night.
e. My parents …(buy) a new car last week.
4. Choose the correct alternative
a. If we go by taxi, it is/will be quicker.
b. Luke often goes/is going cycling at the weekend.
c. We’ll go to the cinema if it rains/will rain.
d. Paul is taller/ the tallest boy in the class.
e. I think the weather is/will be good tomorrow.