Контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс (Афанасьева О.В)

Контрольная работа 6 класс (Афанасьева О.В)
1. Fill in the gaps with the words SO, IN, THROUGH, TO, BANK, SHORE, AT, -.
1. This car belongs ….. our family.
2. We spent a weekend on the ….. of the lake.
3. I found a coin on the sandy …… of the river.
4. I am not lazy, ….. I can help you.
5. They arrived ….. the airport at night.
6. Jim will arrive …. Brighton next month.
7. When did he arrive ….. here?
8. I saw him …. the window.
2. Use the correct form of the verb.
1. If my sister (come), we (go) shopping.
2. Jack (ask) a lot of questions when he (finish) reading.
3. As soon as they (phone) , we (invite) them to the party.
4. Mary (visit) her granny if the weather (be) warm.
5. Tod ( read) the book when his mum (buy) it.
3. Use one of the ways of expressing future meaning.
1. It is stuffy. It (rain).
2. There are dark clouds in the sky.
-Yes, it (be) stormy.
3. Perhaps we (go) to London next year.
4. Helen ( leave) tomorrow. She has already booked the tickets.
5. I think Jim (get) a good mark.
6.-What are your plans for tomorrow?
- I (stay) at home tomorrow.