Контрольная работа по английскому языку (входной контроль) 7 класс (Starlight 7)

Контрольная работа по английскому языку (входной контроль)
Starlight 7”
1. Choose the correct item.
A bite from a ______
snake can be dangerous.
a) fatal c)
b) Innocent d)
2. You should always cross
the road at the ______ .
a) level crossing c)
cycle lane
b) Zebra crossing d)
3. Policemen must always
____ the law.
a) obey c)
b) follow d) help
4. I like _____ eggs for
a. baked c) scrambled
b. thick d) creamy
5. The chicken comes with a
_____ order of rice.
a. fast c) side
b. cold d) top
6. This café _______ Spanish
a. shows c) serves
b. orders d) gives
7. Americans celebrate
Thaksgiving with a big
_______ .
a. harvest c) hunt
b. crop d) feast
8. Alexander the Great
_____many countries in
a. explored c) won
b. invented d) conquered
9. The pilgrims _____ In
a) discovered c)
b) settled d)
10. We went on holiday and
had the ___ of our lives.
a) experience c) tour
b) journey d) time
11. The best part of the trip
was the ______ scenery.
a) fun c) stunning
b) dangerous d)
12. The Kremlin _______
many tourists every year.
a) enjoys c) shares
b) attracts d) encourages
13. We’ll ___________ the
night at the camping site.
a) make c)sleep
b) spend d) stay
14. The beach was very
___________ with people.
a) full c) liitle
b) awful d) crowded
15. Don’t forget to get
a________ of ice cream.
a) tub c) carton
b) a tin d) packet
II. Fill in the correct word from the table.
run footage view designed sweet make accurate
pay fresh centre
1. You can find ___________________ products at the market.
2. The hotel had a great __________________ of the sea.
3. Please______________ your bed before go to school.
4. The community _______________ offers many great activities.
5. The pupil let his imagination _____________ wild while writing the essay.
6. The coffee is too _______________. I can’t drink it!
7. Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches are very ____________________________ .
8. The architect ____________________ the buildings.
9. Can I ___________ the bill now, please?
10. Some programmes use video __________________ from handheld cameras.
III. Fill in than, as or in and the correct comparative or superlative form.
Martin Hamble is a member of ___________________ ( famous) basketball team ___________
the world. He is ____________________ (tall) and ____________________ (young) player of
the team. Martin is a very good player, but his friend Jim, is ____________________ (good)
____________ he is. Matthew Bodin is ___________________ (old) _____________ Jim and
Martin and he is also __________ _________________ (fast) as they are. And Jeff is even
____________________ (fast) __________________ both of them He is
_______________________ (exciting) player to watch and also
_______________________________ (popular) member of the team.
IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (infinitive or gerund)
I’ve always wanted _________________ (go) to China and last year my dream came true. I love
_______________________ (travel). The travel agent suggested
___________________________ (visit) the Great Wall first. After _____________________
(see) Bejing, we flew to Canton because it’s too far _______________________ (go) by train. I
enjoyed ______________________ (fly) over the rice fields and villages.
I have a penfriend in Canada. I really like ______________________ (meet) new people so I
started __________________________ (write) letters four years ago. At the moment, I’m busy
__________________________ (arrange) a trip to Canada. I want _____________________
(meet) my penfriend, Alan. I hope __________________ (go) sightseeing and I’m looking
forward to ______________________ (stay) with Alan and his family.
V. Complete the sentences with the necessary modal verb.
1. Children _________________ be attentive while crossing the road.
2. When she was sixteen she _________________ run fast, but she can’t now.
3. Tigers ____________ fly.
4. ______________ we go for a walk?
5. _____________ you carry this bag for me?
6. You ______________________ put on a hat, it’s rather warm.
7. We _______________ talk during the exam.
8. _____________ I take your pen?
9. She _______________ go sing at the party because she was ill.
10. If you don’t study, you __________________ do well in the test.