Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс (Starlight)

Final test 4
I.Choose the correct word.
1. … does he go to the forest?
a) Where b) Who c) When
2. …is she doing now?
a) When b) What c) Why
3. …will Sam meet him next spring?
a) Who b) When c) Where
4.…eggs did you buy yesterday?
a) How many b) Why c) How much
5. … was Tom busy today?
a) Who b) Why c ) Which
6. We don’t need…olive oil.
a) many b) much c) a lot of
7. How…butter have we got?.
a) many b) much c) a lot of
8. There are…eggs in the fridge.
a) many b) much c) a lot of
9. I don’t like … sugar in my coffee.
a) many b) much c) a lot of
10. Have you got…biscuits on the table?
a) many b) much c) a lot of
11. They …to play computer games.
a) doesn’t like b) don’t like c) don’t likes
12. Peter …listening to music now.
a) doesn’t b) is c) are
13. She … a beautiful dress last Friday.
a) make b) made c) didn’t made
14. We … go to the park tomorrow.
a) doesn’t b) will c) didn’t
15. Moscow is … than Tula.
a) big b) bigger c) the biggest
16. July is … than June.
a) hot b) hotter c) the hottest
17. He is … teacher in the town.
a) good b) better c) the best
18. It is … in winter.
a) cold b) colder c) the coldest
19. Can you give… some water?
a) my b)me c) mine
20. Whose bike is it? It’s…. .
a)his b)him c)he
21.Where is the bank? It’s …..the supermarket.
a)opposite b) under c)in
22. The girls ran …. in the park.
a) happy b)happily c)happyly
23. I can run… .
a) fast b)fastly
24. Mike sings…. .
a) good b) well c)goodly
25.There … many apple trees in the garden last year.
a) was b) were c) are
26. …there orange juice in the glass?
a) Do b) Are c) Is
27.Tomorrow is Saturday. I ….. get up early.
a) must b) shouldn’t c) don’t have to
28. You …. eat too many sweets.
a) mustn’t b) shouldn’t c) don’t have to
30.There are ….onions and potatoes in the bag.
a)a few b) a little c) many
31.Can you give me …..water, please?
a)any b) some c) a few
32. Apples are very healthy. There are vitamins in….
a) it b) him c) them.
33. Is there …….to see in the cinema?
a)anything b) something c) somebody
II Open the brackets:
1 Tom often ( get ) up at 7 o’clock.
2 They ( be ) in London three years ago.
3 Jane and Ann ( do ) their homework now.
4 Mike’s friend ( live ) in London last year.
5 he ( visit ) his granny every week?
6 Mike ( have ) soup for lunch tomorrow.
7 Children (be) at the Zoo last Monday.
III Read and choose the correct answer
Yesterday afternoon John’s mother was at work. John was at home with his father. They watched TV
together. Then his father said: “Let’s cook dinner for Mum and we can all have dinner!” And they went to
the kitchen. The father wanted to have some soup but John didn’t like it. They decided to have fish. The
father took the fish and they started cooking it together.
Then John went to his bedroom to do his homework. His father went to his room to read a book. They
didn’t go to the kitchen again.
After an hour, John’s mother came home. She was tired. But when she opened the door, she ran to the
kitchen and cried: “Oh, no!” The kitchen was very dirty. They couldn’t eat the fish because it was black!
John’s mother wasn’t happy. John and his father were sad, too.
But then, John and his father cleaned the kitchen and cooked a pizza for dinner.
1. Yesterday John was at home
a) with his mother
b) with his father
c) with his mother and father
2. Yesterday John’s father said:
a) “Let’s cook dinner for Mum together”.
b) “Let’s do your homework together”.
c) “Let’s watch TV together”.
3. At first they decided to…
a) cook fish for dinner.
b) cook soup for lunch.
c) cook a pizza for dinner.
4. They started cooking fish and …
a) John went to his bedroom to read a book.
b) John went to his bedroom to watch TV.
c) John went to his bedroom to do his homework.
5. John’s mother was unhappy because…
a) John didn’t do his homework.
b) the kitchen was dirty.
c) John and his father cooked a pizza for dinner
IV Fill in the words
games travelled give trip hunted castle weekend bus listened knights home day
My name is Tina. I’d like to tell you about my1….. . On Saturday we 2……..to a castle by
3….. It was a long 4….but we played 5….. and 6…. to music. In the 7 ……we watched
some 8…..fighting. They were really cool. After that we 9….. in the forest for some
squirrels. We wanted to 10……them some nuts. We liked it a lot. On the way back
11……we stopped at a small café. I loved that 12…..