Задание №2 устной части ЕГЭ по английскому (Шпаргалка по заданию 2)

Шпаргалка по заданию 2 (Вопросы)
Что дано в задании
Что нужно сказать
1) Starting date
When does …… start?
2) Starting place
Where does ……. start? What is the starting point
of the (cruise/ excursion)?
3) Availability
Is ……. available? Are (plural noun) available?
4) Courses available
What courses are available at your school?
5) Duration
How long is …..? How long does (the tour) last?
6) Frequency
How often is/are …….?
How often do (the flights) leave? How often do
(buses) leave?
How often are the excursions?
7) Way to …/ directions to…./ the
best way to get there
How can I get to….?
What is the best way to get there?
8) Opening hours
When does your (shop) open AND CLOSE?
When do you work? What are your opening
hours? When is (the club) open?
9) Discounts/ Price reductions
Do you have discounts for (students/ groups)? Are
discounts for (students/ groups) available? Are
there any discounts for ….?
10) distance from the city centre
How far is (the hotel) from the city centre?
11) Entrance fee,
Ticket price,
price for one
price per hour
How much is the entrance fee? How much does
the entrance cost? How much is the ticket? How
much does a ticket cost?
How much is a ticket for one person?
How much is one hour? How much does one hour
12) Tuition fee
How much does tuition cost? How much is the
13) Hotel facilities
What facilities does the hotel offer? What
facilities do you offer? What facilities are there?
What facilities are available at the hotel?
14) If …… is included/ if ….. are
Is …. included into the price? Are …. included
into the price?
15) location
Where is …… located/ situated?
16) Online booking/ advance
booking/ online reservation
Is online booking (online reservation) possible? Is
advance reservation possible? Is it possible to
book online/ in advance?
17) double\ single room price (per
How much is a double/single room per night?
18) price of a three-week course
How much is a three-week course?
19) refund for a ticket
Is it possible to get a refund for the ticket if I miss
the concert?
20) Possible accommodation
What kind of accommodation do you offer?
21) Photo permission/ taking pictures
Is taking pictures allowed? Is it allowed to take
photos (during the tour/ excursion)?
22) Age restriction
Is there a minimum age for this film/show? Is
there any age restriction for this performance?
23) Instructor’s help
Instructors available
Is it possible to get an instructor’s help? Is an
instructor’s help available?
Are instructors available (at the pool)?
24) Date of the event
When does the event take place? When is the
25) Number of actors/ participants/
students in a group
How many (actors/ participants/ students) are
there (in the group)?
26) Availability of costumes
What costumes are available (for the actors)?
27) transport to the ….
What transport can I take to get to the ….? What
transport can I use to get to the …? How can I get
to the ….?
28) Excursion time
Excursion times
What time is the excursion? When does the
excursion start?
When do excursions start?
29) Special exhibitions
Are there any special exhibitions now? What
special exhibitions are there at the moment?
30) If translation into English is
Is translation into English available?
31) Number of stops
How many stops does the bus/ train make?
32) Number of … (shops, boutiques)
How many …. are there?
33) Booking by phone
Is it possible to book (an excursion) by phone/ on
the phone?
34) Size of the (garden, pool, ….)
How big is the ….?
35) Size of the/a group
Number of students in a group
Number of people involved
How big is the/a group?
How many students are there in the /a group?
How many people are involved in the
36) If there is a food court
Is there a food court?
37) Free parking
Is free parking available? Is there free parking (at
your hotel)?
38) Special clothes
Special clothes available
Are any special clothes needed (for the classes)?
Do I need to bring any special clothes?
Are there any special clothes available?
39) Evening classes
Do you have any evening classes? Are there any
evening classes available?
40) membership
What do I need to do to become a member of your
(organization/ club)? What should be done to
become a member of your (organization)?
What does being a member of your organization
41) Tasks suggested
What tasks are suggested to the members? What
tasks do you suggest to the participants?
42) If there is payment
Is there any payment needed?
43) If breakfast/ lunch is included
If meals are included
Is breakfast/ lunch included?
Are meals included?