Тренировочные задания по устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку

МБОУ « Лицей физики, матиматики, информатики № 40» при Ульяновском
Государственном Университете
Тренировочные задания
для подготовки учащихся к сдаче
Единого Государственного Экзамена по английскому языку .
Устная часть. Задания 1-2
Учитель английского языка
Высшая категория
Никифорова Лариса Ивановна
Тренировочные задания
для подготовки учащихся к сдаче устного экзамена по английскому языку
Задание 1
Task 1. Imagine that you are preparing a project with your friend. You have
found some interesting information for the presentation and you want to read
this text to your friend. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text silently, then be
ready to read it out loud. You have1.5 minutes or less to read it.
Text 1
These days, more and more people are trying extreme diets to lose weight
quickly. Some people think these diets are great, but others think they are not
good for you. Without a doubt, there are some advantages to these diets. Firstly,
you can see results really quickly and this can keep youmotivated to lose more
weight. Secondly, they encourage self-control, because you have to stay focused
for the diet to work.On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to
thesediets. To begin with, they can be difficult to follow, so you may give up easily
and put weight back on quickly. Also, there are many restrictions. This means, you
may not get enough nutrients to stay healthy. All in all, there are both advantages
and disadvantages to extreme diets. Anyone who wants to lose weight should
think about it very carefully and make sure they see a doctor before starting a
Shopping in Britain is also famous for its Freshfood. Freshfood is a chain of
food stores and very successful supermarkets which has grown tremendously in
the twenty years since it was founded, and now it has branches in the High
Streets of all the towns of any size in Britain. In the beginning the stores sold only
foodstuffs, but in recent years they have diversified enormously and now sell
clothes, books, records, electrical and domestic equipment. The success of the
chain has been due to an enterprising management and to attractive layout and
display in the stores. It has been discovered that impulse buying accounts for
almost 35 per cent of the total turn over of the stores. The stores are organized
completely for self-service and customers are encouraged to wander around the
spaciously laid out stands. Special free gifts and reduced prices are used to tempt
customers into the stores and they can't stand the temptation.
Text 3
The Verrazano Bridge, which was designed by Othmar Ammann, joins
Brooklyn to Staten Island. It has a span of 4,260 feet. The bridge is so long that
the shape of the earth had to be taken into account by its designer. Two great
towers support four huge cables. The towers are built on immense underwater
platforms make of steel and concrete. The platforms extend to a depth of over
100 feet under the sea. These alone took sixteen months to build. Above the
surface of the water, the towers rise to a height of nearly 700 feet. They support
the cables from which the bridge has been suspended. Each of the four cables
contains 26,108 lengths of wire. It has been estimated that if the bridge were
packed with cars, it would still only be carrying a third of its total capacity.
However, size and strength are not the only important things about this bridge.
Despite its immensity, it is both simple and elegant, fulfilling its designer's dream
to create 'an enormous object drawn as faintly as possible'.
Text 4
Britain was originally a land of vast forests, mainly oak and beech in the
Lowlands and pine and birch in the Highlands, with great stretches of marshland
and smaller areas of moors. In the course of time, much forest land was cleared
and almost all Lowlands outside the industrial areas were put under cultivation.
Today only about 6 per cent of the total land area remains wooded.Extensive
forests remain in eastern and northern Scotland and in south-eastern and
western England. Oak, elm, ash, and beech are the commonest trees in England,
while Scotland has much pine and birch. The Highlands with thin soil are largely
moorland with heather and grasses. In the cultivated areas that make up most
of Britain there are many wild flowers, flowering plants and grasses.
Text 5
The fauna or animal life of Britain is much like that of north-western Europe,
to which it was once joined. Many larger mammals such as bear, wolf have been
hunted to extinction, others are now protected by law. There are many foxes.
Otters are common along rivers and streams, and seals live along much of the
coast. Hedgehogs, hares, rabbits, rats and mice are numerous. Deer live in some
of the forests in the Highlands of Scotland and England. Some 230 kinds of birds
live in Britain, and another 200 are regular visitors, many are songbirds. The most
numerous are blackbirds, sparrows and starlings. Robin Redbreast is the national
bird of Britain. The number of ducks, geese and other water fowl has diminished
during recent years. There are many threats to wildlife and ecological balance
around the coast. The biggest threat to the coastline is pollution. Even much-
loved Blackpool is not officially safe. More than 3.500 million tons of industrial
waste is pumped into the North Sea every year.
Text 6
Ozone layer or ozonosphere, region of the stratosphere containing relatively
high concentrations of ozone , located above the earth's surface. Ozone in the
ozone layer is formed by the action of solar ultraviolet light on oxygen. The
ozone layer prevents most ultraviolet (UV) and other high-energy radiation from
penetrating to the earth's surface but does allow through sufficient ultraviolet
rays to support the activation of vitamin D in humans. The full radiation, if
unhindered by this filtering effect, would destroy animal tissue. Higher levels of
radiation resulting from the depletion of the ozone layer have been linked with
increases in skin cancers and cataracts and have been implicated in the decline
of certain amphibian species. In 1974 scientists warned that certain industrial
chemicals, could migrate to the stratosphere. Damage to the ozone layer can
also be caused by sulfuric acid droplets produced by volcanic eruptions.
Text 7
The newspaper printing is a rather unusual activity since each day the
newspaper material is prepared a new. Newspaper includes editorial board work
the following functions: getting the right news, writing it in the form of an article,
selection of the best items for the print, and displaying the selected copy in the
paper. All these tasks are performed by journalists, editors and rewrite men,
photographers and makeup editors responsible for the issue of the paper.Thus,
the newspaper reporting starts with collecting information for the paper.
However, journalism does not stop here. Newspapers and magazines publish a
great deal of stories, not only news items or political stories, for example, stories
of humourous or some other type. Such essay-type articles may be called human
interest stories. Besides, newspapers carry many items on sports, personalities of
today as well as stories on science, art and technology. Rather popular are also
the reports about the flights of astronauts and space research matters in general.
Text 8
We spend great part of our lives at our jobs, so choosing a right career is one
of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Many students finish
high school and begin college without a clear idea of what they want to do in
future. Part of the problem is the size of the job market itself. With so many kinds
of jobs (2000) how can you tell which will interest you? Some of occupations are
already overcrowded. In old industries there may be little need for new workers,
while new and growing industries will offer jobs now and in the future. Therefore,
it is extremely important to explore your choice of occupations from every angle,
collect as much information as you can. But above all you must evaluate yourself.
Find out where your interests and talents lie.. First start with yourself, make a list
of your interests, talents and abilities.. By concentrating on a few, or on one you
may surprise yourself at how good you can get.
Text 9
Foreign languages are absolutely necessary for people nowadays. More and more
people of different professions decide to study foreign languages in order to raise
their professional level. Making business nowadays means the ability to speak at
least one foreign language . English is the language of business correspondence,
many foreign newspapers and magazines, and communication between people of
different nationalities all over the world. Reading foreign literature in the original,
understanding foreign films without translation, making friends with people of
other nationalities may make our intellectual and cultural horizons wider. Foreign
languages often bring new perspectives in career and private life. Many aspects of
our Life, like science, entertainment, business, studying became international.
Many Russians decide to receive good education, start their career or just spend
some time abroad. Upon returning to Russia they are able to share their
knowledge, experience and information gained abroad with their colleagues and
Text 10
What was the family life like in ancient Scandinavia? Most Viking male
population was allround handymen, but some had special skills. You could find
boat-builders, potters, leatherworkers and smiths.
Most Viking men knew how to handle a boat and most of them could fight if they
had to, to protect the family or to support their chief. Women were known to
work at home and bear responsibility for household chores. They baked bread,
did spinning and weaving, turning sheep wool into cloth and items they would
wear. They looked after their children, made the family's clothes and cooked two
meals which most families had daily. On the farm, women milked the cows and
made cheese. Viking children helped their parents and did not attend school.
However, they were not illiterate. They learned Viking history, religion and law
from stories and songs, not from books. By the age of 15 or 16 they were
considered adults. It was common for girls' fathers to choose their future
Стратегия выполнения задания на экзамене
Вначале бегло прочитайте его, постарайтесь понять общую идею текста
Прочитайте текст сначала шепотом, а затем вслух.
• При втором чтении, читая вполголоса, мысленно делите предложения
текста на смысловые части (синтагмы).
Обратите внимание на запятые, они подсказывают, что тон интонации
идёт наверх.
Точка в конце предложения показывает на движении тона вниз.
Обращайте внимание на слова, трудные для произношения.
Не торопитесь при чтении текста, выдерживайте средний темп речи.
Следите за долготой гласных звуков и четко произносите звонкие и
глухие согласные, чтобы не исказить смысл слова ( Ship- sheep, fool-full,
Обратимся к критериям оценки первого задания.
Их можно найти в конце демонстрационной версии экзамена по
английскому языку на сайте www.fipi.ru.
За первое задание максимально выставляется 1 балл при соблюдении
следующих условий:
Речь воспринимается легко;
Отсутствуют необоснованные паузы;
Соблюдены фразовое ударение и интонационные контуры, слова
произнесены без нарушений нормы;
Допущено не более пяти фонетических ошибок, в том числе одна-две
ошибки, искажающие смысл.
Для получения максимального балла за первое задание необходимо
поставить перед собой следующие задачи:
1.Важно чётко разобраться с транскрипцией и основными правилами
чтения на английском языке.
2.Следует ежедневно приучать себя читать вслух тексты из учебников.
Если текст имеет звуковое сопровождение, это значительно облегчит
подготовку: можно читать и слушать одновременно, делать паузы и
3.При возможности следует читать с экрана компьютера и параллельно
записывать то, как вы читаете текст. Затем запись нужно проанализировать
и сверить с образцом, в том числе и звуковым.
4.Можно завести словарик трудных слов, чтобы еженедельно
возвращаться к их чтению и написанию.
Задание 2
Task 1. Study the advertisement. You are considering going on a tour of
European cities and now you'd like to get more information. In 1.5 minutes
you are to ask five direct questions to find out about the following:
1. Dates of the departures даты отправления
What are the dates for the departure? (обратите внимание не только на
порядок слов, но и на определённый артикль)
When can I depart?
When can I leave?
2. if breakfast is included включён ли завтрак (обратите внимание на
частицу if(«ли»), она часто появляется в данном задании) и
предполагает общий вопрос
• Is the breakfast included? (обратите внимание на определённый артикль)
The breakfast is included, isn’t it?
3. buying the ticket online возможно ли купить билет онлайн
• Can I buy the ticket online?
4. number of city tours число экскурсий
• What is the number of city tours?
How many tours will I have? (how many относится к исчисляемому
существительному tours)
5. discounts for students скидки для студентов/школьников
Are there any discounts for students? (обратите внимание на появление
any в вопросе с оборотом is/are there …)
Have you got any discounts for students?
Are discounts available for students? (обратите вниманиена слово
available /ə'veɪləbl/ «доступный»; «имеющийся в распоряжении,
Уточним, что нужно сделать:
Вам нужно позвонить и получить необходимую информацию о
предстоящем посещении того или иного места (это может быть отель,
спортивный центр, бассейн, языковая школа, город, страна).
Вы должны задать пять прямых (direct) вопросов. Это значит, что вы
должны просто задать вопросы, ничего дополнительно не объясняя, не
пытаясь дать вводные замечания, не здороваясь и не прощаясь с
У вас есть 1,5 минуты на подготовку.
Каждый из пяти пунктов для постановки прямого вопроса будет
появляться на экране отдельно. У вас будет 20 секунд, чтобы задать
вопрос, после чего на экране появится задание для второго вопроса и
так далее.
Стратегии выполнения Задания 2
Рассмотрите предложенную иллюстрацию и определите, что она
Определите тип вопроса ( if/whether - общий, вопросительные слова
Помните, что общий (Yes\No) вопрос задается с восходящей (rising)
интонацией, а специальный (Wh-) c нисходящей (falling) интонацией.
При отсутствии вопросительных слов, помните, что
Слово Time/date предполагает When/What are the dates /What time …?
E.g When is the date of departure?
What are working hours?
What time does the train start?
Слово Place /location предполагает Where…?
e.g Where is your office situated?
Where is your centre located?
Where is the swimming pool?
Слово duration предполагает How long…?
Слово availability предполагает Is/are there…?
Слово Price /costпредполагает How much…?
e.g What is the price of the course?
How much does it cost?
How much is this book?
Определите время (tense), которое необходимо использоват выберите
соответствующий вспомогательный глагол
Используйте короткие и чѐткие формулировки
Task 2. Study the advertisement
Welcome to Holiday Inn, Helsinki