Контрольная работа № 3 3 класс ( Rainbow English Unit 5-6)

Контрольная работа № 3 3 класс ( Rainbow English Unit 5-6)
Класс___________ Дата__________________
Фамилия Имя_________________________________
1.Закончи этот текст, выбрав правильную форму глагола: have или has.
Rose _____________ a very big family. She _______________ a mother, a father, a sister and two
brothers. Her sister is a doctor and her brothers are students. The family _____________ a farm. They
__________ cows, horses, sheep and pigs on their farm. Rose and her brothers_________________ two
little kittens. They are cute. The kittens _______ a red bowl for milk. Rose likes to feed her pets.
2. Выбери правильную форму глагола и обведи этот глагол.
I Jack and Ann (ride/ rides) bikes in the park.
2. My friend and I (dance/dances) very well.
3. Mr. Green (run/runs) on Sunday.
4. Sue (write/writes) in her diary.
5. We (sing/sings) songs again and again.
6. I (like/likes) to ski and my sister Mary (like/likes) to skate.
3. Запиши в правильном порядке дни недели, начиная с понедельника.
Tuesday, Saturday, Thursday, Sunday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday
4. Закончи эти вопросы с помощью вспомогательных глаголов Do или Does.
1. ------------ he speak English?
2. -------------the boys like sport?
3. ------------- Bob and Rose skate well?
4. ------------the dog run in the park?
5. ------------- my mum sing well?
5. Подчеркни лишнее слово каждом ряду
1. red , big, yellow, brown green, black.
2. wife, son, husband, hill, grandson, mum
3. doctor, swimmer, farmer, together, runner, dancer
4. cage, girl, page, general, gym, sledge
5. hungry, thirsty, big, sick, tail, good