План-конспект урока английского языка "Фастфуд - за и против" 9 класс

План-конспект урока английского языка в 9-м классе
по теме «Фастфуд- за и против»
Коммуникативная ситуация: «Фастфуд – за или против»
Тип урока: урок развития речевых умений учащихся
Цель: способствовать формированию коммуникативной компетенции
учащихся в рамках темы «Фастфуд – за или против»
Прогнозируемый результат: предполагается, что к окончанию урока
учащиеся смогут обосновать свое отношение к фастфуду.
совершенствование навыков поискового и просмотрового чтения,
формирование активного словаря по теме;
развитие навыков аудирования, говорения по теме;
воспитание культуры здорового питания, расширение знаний о влиянии
различных продуктов питания на организм.
Организационный момент
Постановка целей и задач урока
T: Good morning, Students. Take your seats and get ready for the lesson. Today
we’re going on talking on the topic Eating Habits; we are to revise the words
we’ve learnt, learn some new ones, and develop our listening and speaking skills.
The main aim of our lesson is to study new vocabulary, to use it in our speech, to
do some exercises about the topic “Eating Habits. Junk Food”.
1 min
Речевая разминка
T: Let’s speak about healthy and unhealthy food. Look at the pictures at the
Which of these foods are healthy and which are unhealthy?
What fast food do you know?
Do you like fast food?
What do you prefer: a hamburger or a fish burger with chips or homemade fried
potatoes with meat or fish?
Is home-made food better than fast food?
Thank you for your answers.
2 min
Фонетическая зарядка
Now let's read some transcriptions of new words that we will meet during our
Look at the blackboard, please!
[əʊvəˈweɪt] [ˈædɪtɪv]
[ɑːtɪˈfɪʃəl] [əʊˈbiːsəti]
[ˈfleɪvərɪŋ] [njuːˈtrɪʃəs]
WB p.35 ex.1
2 min
Развитие навыков аудирования
SB p.60 ex.2a
And now we are going to listen to the Internet forum and say who loves fast food
and who thinks it is unhealthy.
Before listening: look through the table and put “tick”, if you think, that these
people like junk food, and put “cross”, if you think, that they don’t like it.
While listening: check your answers.
Now open your books at page 60 ex.2a. Let’s read the Internet forum and answer
the following questions (ex.2b):
1. What happens if you eat fast food very often?
2. What health problems does fast food lead to?
3. Why is fast food dangerous for your health?
13 min
Динамическая пауза
Yes! Well done!
Let’s have a rest and play a little! Stand up if...
you often eat fresh food;
you eat red meat more than twice a week;
you usually eat a large meal before you go to bed;
you eat salted snacks;
you have fresh vegetables with your meals less than three times a week;
you prefer to eat out instead of at home;
you always add salt to your food at the table;
you like junk food very much
2 min
Развитие навыков чтения
Pre-reading stage. Now I would like you to read the article about the danger of fast
food. (p.61 ex.3b.)
But before reading look at p.61 ex.3b. Here are some new expressions. Let’s read
them, their definitions and try to translate.
Reading stage. Read the article on your own and find the most serious reasons why
fast food may be dangerous.
Post reading stage. Now choose a passage you find most important and read it
aloud. Find more people in the class who share your point of view. Work together
to find arguments why it is so important. (p.62 ex. 3c)
10 min
Развитие навыков речи
Now I’d like you to ask you. What should you do to be a healthier person?
What should you do to become healthier?
To become a healthier person, you should…
To be healthy you should…
To live a long and happy life you should…
10 min
Объяснение домашнего задания
Учитель объясняет домашнее задание. Now open your record books and write
down your home task.
Your home task will be to do:
Ex.5 p. 63 (SB)
Open your Student Books at page 63 and look at exercise 5. At home you have to
write a letter to Josh explaining why it is very unhealthy to eat fast food.
2 min
Выставление оценок
Have you changed your opinion about fast food?
Children, you have worked very well today. Your marks for lesson are…
2 min
And now, boys and girls, look at the pictures at the blackboard. Take the magnets,
please. If everything was clear and easy for you during our lesson choose the
picture with healthy food and if you had some difficulties and found our lesson
uninteresting and useless choose the picture with junk food.
Our lesson is over. Goodbye, boys and girls!
1 min