Тест "Абсолютная форма притяжательных местоимений"

Абсолютная форма притяжательных местоимений
1. This is not my pencil, ... is green.
a) hers
b) mine
c) its
d) theirs
2. I have broken my pen. I see you have finished writing your exercise. Please give me ...
a) mine
b) its
c) yours
d) ours
3. Our twins were born on the same day as their twins. But ... look bigger than ...
a) ours, theirs
b) theirs, its
c) ours, hers
d) theirs, his
4. It's not the house of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, ... is bigger.
a) hers
b) his
c) theirs
d) ours
5. Oh, I cannot find my coat. Look, this coat is the same as ... , but it's not ...
a) mine, hers
b) mine, his
c) theirs, his
d) mine, mine
6. Do you know this guy? Yes, I saw him with Ann yesterday. I think, he is a friend ...
a) her
b) of hers
c) his
d) of mine
7. Whose books are in the bookcase? Yesterday I saw how Kate and Steve put something in this
bookcase. So, I think, these books are ...
a) hers
b) ours
c) theirs
d) its
8. Whose puppies are these? My sister and I bought them two days ago, so, they are ...
a) ours
b) theirs
c) his
d) its
9. Jane, I have bought a new mobile phone too. But ... has more functions than ...
a) your, my
b) yours, mine
c) hers, mine
d) his, my
10. Whose jacket is this? Oh, my father had a birthday yesterday and my mother presented him this
jacket. That's why I'm sure it's ...
a) hers
b) ours
c) its
d) his
1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-c, 5-d, 6-b, 7-c, 8-a, 9-b, 10-d.