Тест "Группа времен Continuous"

Тест по английскому языку « Группа времен Continuous»
Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.
1. I… the piano in the evening.
will be play
be playing
will playing
will play
2. She… yet when we… back.
will not be sleeping, come
won’t sleep, will come
will not be sleeping, will have come
doesn’t sleep, will come
3. What… by 9 pm tonight?
will he be doing
will he have done
will he do
will have he done
4. They… when Fred comes.
will having supper
will be having supper
will supper
will had supper
5. What… when your sons arrive?
will you be doing
will you done
you will be doing
you will doing
6. My brother… TV from 6 till 7 pm tonight.
won’t be watching
won’t watch
won’t have watched
won’t has watched
7. I ….
am not sit
am not sitting
do not sat
am not sit
8. I ….
is read
am reading
do reading
9. We… his articles.
are reading
are read
do reading
do reads
10. We… TV now.
are not watched
are not watching
doesn’t watching
had not watched
11. Why… your homework?
aren’t you doing
aren’t you do
hadn’t you doing
you aren’t doing
12. … or writing?
Is he read
Does he reading
Is he reading
He is reading
13. What …?
are you singing
are you sing
are you sang
has you sang
14. Какое предложение построено верно?
Are you eat?
Are you eating?
Do you eating?
You is eat?
15. Bess… at the window.
did not sat
was not sitting
had not sat
does not sitting
16. My sister said that he… a composition.
was written
was writing
is writing
17. The students said that they… their text-books.
had reading
were reading
did reading
18. Alex said that they… TV the day before.
are not watching
were not watching
had not watched
have not watched
19. She asked us what ….
are you reading
were you reading
are we read
we were reading
20. Father wondered why… homework?
aren’t Ann doing your
Ann wasn’t doing her
hadn’t Ann doing his
had Ann done her
21. She asked if… or translating.
was he reading
did he read
he was reading
did he reading
22. She wondered if ….
I have slept
I was sleeping
was I sleeping
I do slept
23. She said that her husband… in a foreign company.
not works
has not worked
had not worked
were not working
24. Fred… that Ann was not slipping.
had known
was knowing
25. Paul… that he… on the phone.
was saying, speaks
saying, was speaking
said, was speaking
had said, spoke