Тест "Группа времен Perfect"

Тест по английскому языку « Группа времен Perfect»
Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.
1. I… the book by next month.
will translated
have translated
will have translated
will translate
2. … … … … these articles by the beginning of next week?
Are, we, have, read
We, will, have, read
Will, we, have, read
We, will, have, read
3 By the time we …, they… for London.
arrive, have already left
arrive, will have already left
will arrive, will already have left
will have arrived, already will have left
4. I… all the articles until next week.
won’t have read
won’t read
not have read
5 By the time they …here, she… dinner.
will come, will have cooked
come, will have cooked
will have come, will have cook
comes, will cooked
6. I… this gallery when I… in London.
saw, was
have seen, was
has seen, been
have see, was
7. I… these articles.
already have read
have already read
already read
have read already
8 … to London twice?
He has been
Has he been
Were he
Been he
9. … this text-book. I… it.
Don’t buy, I’ve bought
Not to, buy, I’ve buy
Don’t buy, I buyed
Not, buy, buy
10. … all the work?
Did you already do
Have you already done
Have you done already
Already did you do
11. She said that Tom… away on Friday.
has gone
had gone
have gone
12. We… away before they returned there.
will go
had gone
13. … that Ann… there …?
Did he said, is, either
Said he, had been, too
Have he say, had been, either
Did he say, had been, too
14. When the man… in, I understood that I… him somewhere before.
had come, had seen
came, had seen
has come, will see
had come, had seen
15. The employee says that he… the task.
has already done
had already done
already did
already has done
16. My new friend asked me if I… in London.
have been
had been
will be
17. … in the USA?
Were you ever
Had you ever been
Have you ever been
Did you ever been
18. He… the translation by the end of the week.
had completed
will complete
has completed
19. Nick said that he… the translation ….
had not done, too
do not do, too
hasn’t done, either
hadn’t done, either
20. This is… book I ….
the most best, ever read
the best, I have ever read
the most good, I ever have read
more good, I ever read
21. … that Fred … … student of our university?
Did you hear, are, the best
Have you heard, was, the most good
Had you heard, was, the best
Have you heard, is, the best
22. He said that that Mike … … student of our group.
is, the most bad
was, the most bed
had been, the worse
was, the worst
23. … in the USA? – Yes, I… there 5 years ago.
Were you, was
Had you been, have been
Have you been, was
Did you be, had been
24. He asked if I… in the USA. I answered that I… there 5 years before.
have ever been, was
had ever been, had been
ever was, was
ever had been, had was
25. They… everything themselves before the translator ….
did, had come
had done, came
did, came
have done, came