Презентация "Past Perfect versus Past Perfect Continuous" 8-11 класс

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Past Perfect versus Past Perfect Continuous Исполнитель: преподаватель английского языка Кучиева Залина Казбековна



Complete the sentences with the verbs below. Use the Past Perfect. not finish • find • not be • make • lie • buy
  • Mrs Edwards ……… biscuits by the time her children came home.
  • Dave ……… a ticket before he went to the concert.
  • Helen was very angry because Mark ……… to her.
  • I ……… my meal when Kate arrived.
  • It was the first time we visited Russia. We ……… there before.
  • Tom was happy because he ……… a new job.
Complete the sentences with the verbs in the list. Use the Past Perfect Continuous.
  • wait • rain • work • travel • run
  • He was very tired when he came back home last night.
  • e.g. He had been working all day/since 9 o’clock.
  • She was out of breath.
  • The ground was wet.
  • She was very angry with Tom.
  • We were exhausted.
Join the sentences using the words in brackets. Use the Past Perfect or the Past Perfect Continuous
  • Jenny cooked lunch. Then, she ironed the clothes, (after)
  • The news started. John turned on the TV. (already ... when)
  • They set the table. Then, the guests arrived, (before)
  • The kids went to bed. Then, Steve came home, (by the time)
  • Their guests left. Then, they tidied the house, (after)
  • Sam waited. Joan finished speaking, (until)
Use the Past Perfect Continuous and the Past Simple to form complete sentences.
  • Leonardo da Vinci/invent and paint for the King of France/before/die in 1519.
  • Wilhelm Roentgen/experiment with electricity/when/discover x-rays.
  • Ancient Greek scientist Archimedes/work/ maths problem/when/discover solution in bath.
  • Before Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev/ become famous around the world/work as a university professor/some years
  • Albert Einstein/go to school/Munich/three months/before/move/Italy
Fill in the gaps with the Past Perfect or the Past Perfect Continuous.
  • Paul (decide) that he was going to study Astronomy before he even finished secondary school.
  • Before he got a promotion he (not/earn) enough to live comfortably.
  • Tom didn’t come with us last night because he (arrange) to go out with his colleagues after work.
  • Before they invented washing machines, people (wash) their clothes by hand for centuries.
Jill (wait) for half an hour before the bus came.
  • Jill (wait) for half an hour before the bus came.
  • (Professor Sterling/already/announce) the names of the students who would be in his research team when she entered the class?
  • They (live) in Spain before they moved to London.