Внеклассное мероприятие "Do you know English - speaking countries?" 7 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие
“Do you know English-speaking countries?”
Учитель английского языка
Остапенко Татьяна Муратовна
Данная викторина по английскому языку разработана для
обучающихся 7 классов и проводится с использованием презентации в
Power Point и раздаточного материала.
- систематизировать и обобщить знания обучающихся по теме « Англо -
язычные страны» и их применение в коммуникативных целях;
- совершенствование лингвострановедческих компетенций обучающихся;
- расширение кругозора обучающихся;
- развитие лингвистической догадки;
- расширение социокультурных компетенций;
- совершенствование у обучающихся памяти, воображения, внимания,
логического мышления;
- приобщение обучающихся к культуре и традициям англоговорящих стран;
- воспитание уважения к иноязычной культуре;
- создание у обучающихся положительной мотивации к дальнейшему
изучению языка;
- воспитание умения работать в команде;
- создание комфортных условий для организации и обеспечения
образовательного процесса.
- 2 команды из 6 обучающихся 7-1 и 7-2 классов;
- 2 ведущих из 9-3 класса.
Оснащение мероприятия:
- мультимедийный проектор;
- мультимедийная презентация;
- компьютер;
- бланки с заданиями;
- бланки оценивания для жюри.
План мероприятия:
I. Вступительное слово учителя;
II. Представление ведущих и членов жюри;
III. Раунды:
1) Представление команд
2) Разминка по теме "Страны и национальности "
3) «Дальше, дальше…»
4) Сделай правильный выбор
5) Части и целое (игровые задания)
6) «Спешите видеть»
IV. Подведение итогов игры (результаты жюри);
V. Заключительное слово учителя.
English Teacher:
Good afternoon, everybody! We are happy to see you here! Today we are
going to take part in English quiz. It is devoted to 5 English-speaking countries: the
UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. I do hope that you’ve learnt a lot
of interesting facts in our English lessons about these countries. I’m sure that
you’ll certainly get more useful information today as well.
The members of our respected jury are:
1. E.V. Koval a teacher of Economics;
2.L.Y. Prasolova an Art teacher;
3. I.A. Borovskaya a History teacher.
They will help us to choose the winner today.
The contestants are students of the 7th form the 1st and the 2nd groups.
I have some assistants , they are students of the 9th form. Two of them ... and ...
will be Show Presenters today. And our guests are English teachers from
Sevastopol schools.
Dear participants, you shouldn't forget about our golden rules. They are on
the slide:
1. Do take an active part in our work.
2. Be polite and respectful to your fellows and opponents.
No doubt, winning is the aim, but it’s only game. Don’t forget that. Good luck to
both groups! Be active, honest, helpful and you will win!
There are 6 rounds in our game. And now it’s time to start our quiz.
Show Presenter1:
To begin with, let’s decide which team will be the first to begin the round.
Captains, will you come up and roll the dice? The captain with the highest number
will get the right to begin the game.
Now, you have 1 minute to present your team. Say your team's name, motto,
emblem and some words about team's members. It was your home task and you
can get 3 points for it.
So, the 1st team introduce yourself. (Выступление 1 команды- название, девиз,
представление членов команды).
Well done! Now it's your turn, the 2 nd team. (Выступление 2 команды).
Great! So we hope that the jury will score the points and we are going on.
Show Presenter2:
Now we'd like to check how you know the names of the countries,
nationalities and their capitals. There are 2 tasks in this round. Captains, come to
me, take a worksheet and fill in the table. ( Капитаны получают карточки с
заданием №1.)
Let's have a look at the screen. Task1 is called " Flags and countries" . Your task
is to write down the names of countries which flags you can see on the slide
according to their numbers, then write down the nationalities. You have 3
minutes. If you do it correct, you will get 8 points.
( Команды выполняют задание).
Dear team members, the time is over. Give me, please, your worksheets.
( Ведущий забирает задание № 1 на проверку жюри и даeт карточки с
заданиями №2 ).
I think the next task will be easier. It is called " Countries and their capitals".
Match the names of the countries to their capitals. I'll give you 2 minutes.
Have you finished?
Show Presenter1:
Each team will be asked 21questions about 5 English-speaking countries.
If you know the correct answer you will say it. If you don’t know the answer,
immediately tell me “Go on!” so as not to waste time. Is it clear?
One point will be awarded for each correct answer. The team ...., are you ready?
Ведущие задают вопросы по 5 темам сначала одной команде затем другой.
Участники видят вопросы на слайдах.
Team 1
1. What is the official name of the country? (The United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland)
2. What river does London stand on? ( the Thames)
3. What is the Scottish national costume for men? ( a kilt)
4. What is the national musical instrument of Wales? ( a harp)
5. What colour are the taxis in London? ( black)
6. What are the two oldest and the most prestigious universities in the UK? (
Oxford and Cambridge)
7. When did Christopher Columbus discover America? ( in 1492)
8. What monument is America’s symbol of Freedom? ( The Statue of Liberty)
9. What is America’s national sport? ( a baseball)
10.How many rooms are there in the White House? ( 132)
11. Who discovered New Zealand ? ( James Cook)
12. How do New Zealanders call themselves? ( Kiwi)
13. Who are native New Zealanders? (the Maori)
14.What is the official name of the country? ( The Commonwealth of Australia)
15. What city is the oldest and largest in Australia? ( Sydney)
16. Which tree-loving animal lives in Australia? ( koala)
17. In which season do Australians celebrate Christmas? ( in summer)
18. How many provinces are there in Canada? ( 10)
19. What languages do people speak in Canada? ( English and French)
20. What sport is extremely popular in Canada? ( hockey)
21.What is the currency of Canada? (Canadian dollar)
Great job!
Show Presenter2:
The team ... , are you ready to answer? OK, let's start!
Team 2
1. What is the poetic name for Britain? ( Albion)
2. Where is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the UK? ( Downing
Street 10)
3. What mountain is the highest in the UK? ( Ben Nevis 1343 m)
4) What is the national musical instrument of Scotland? ( a bagpipe)
5) What colour are the letter boxes in London? ( red)
6) How many children has the British Queen got? ( 4)
7. How many Presidents has America had? ( 44 )
8. What state is known as the Presidents’ State”? ( Virginia, 8 Presidents were
born there)
9. What is the oldest University in the USA? ( Harvard University)
10. How many floors does the Empire State Building have? ( 102)
11. What is the population of the country ? ( about 4,500, 000)
12. What is the name of the building where the Parliament seats? ( the Beehive)
13. What reptiles do not live in New Zealand? ( snake)
14. How many states are in Australia? ( 6)
15. Who are the natives of Australia? ( the Aborigines)
16. What flightless bird lives in Australia? ( Emu)
17.What city hosted the 2002 Summer Olympic Games? ( Sydney)
18. How many time zones are there in Canada? ( 6)
19. Who are the natives of Canada? ( Eskimos, Indians)
20. In what province is the Niagara Falls situated? ( Ontario)
21.What province is called “ The Seat of French Culture”? ( Quebec)
Very good! But that was rather difficult, wasn't it? Dear teachers, what is the score
at this stage ?
( Жюри говорит счет команд)
Show Presenter1:
Well, let's get straight into the fourth part of the quiz. You know it is very
important to make the right choice in our life: the right choice of a friend, a
university, a job, a style in music, clothes and so on. Look at the screen, listen to
the questions and choose the right answer on two topics: Literature and Inventors
or Inventions. Each team must answer me questions in turn. If the team give
incorrect answer, the opponent team can answer it .
1.Who is the author of the book “Treasure Island”?
a) Robert Louis Stevenson
b) Agatha Christie
c) James Fennimore Cooper
2.Where was William Shakespeare born?
a) in London
b) in Bristol
c) in Stratford-on-Avon
3. Which of these writers was a sailor?
a) Charles Dickens
b) Mark Twain
c) Jack London
4. Which of these writers dreamt of becoming a pirate?
a) Jack London
b) Mark Twain
c) Walter Scott
5. What book is this? It is a story about a boy who didn’t want to become grown
up. He could fly and had a lot of adventures.
a) Christopher Robin
b) Peter Pen
c) The Gingerbread Boy
6. Who wrote the book about the adventures of Alice in a strange place called
a) Charles Dickens
b) Oscar Wilde
c) Lewis Carroll
7. Who is the author of the book “ The Canterville Ghost”?
a) Arthur Conan Doyle
b) Oscar Wilde
c) Mark Twain
8.Who was born in Devon, England in 1890, and created many fictional
detectives ?
a) Colin Dexter
b) Arthur Conan Doyle
c) Agatha Christie
9. What book is this? It is a story about the adventures of a young farm girl in the
magical land, after she and her pet are swept away from their hometown by a
a) Pippy Longstockings
b) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
c) Through the Looking Glass
10. Who wrote a series of seven high fantasy novels “The Chronicles of Narnia”?
a) Clive Staples Lewis
b) John Ronald Tolkien
c) Roald Dahl
Show Presenter2:
11. Who invented the telephone?
a) Henry Ford
b) Orville Wright
c) Alexander Graham Bell
12.Who built the first car?
a) Alexander Fleming
b) Henry Ford
c) Thomas Edison
13. The outstanding English scientist who discovered the law of gravitation.
a) Charles Darwin
b) Isaac Newton
c) Stephen William Hawking
14. The outstanding Scottish biologist who discovered penicillin ( a type of
a) Thomas Edison
b) Alexander Fleming
c) Charles Darwin
15.Who invented modern chewing gum ?
a) Thomas Adams
b) Thomas Edison
c) James Watt
16.Who invented the soft drink Coca-Cola?
a) Mc Donald
b) Dr. Pemberton
c) Walter E. Diemer
Well done! Was it easier than the previous task?
Show Presenter1:
Well, let's go on. In round 5 which is called " Parts and Wholes" you can do
3 tasks and you can get ... points. In Task 1 you should combine the parts to get
a name. I' ll give you 1 minute. All your answers write down on your "Answer
sheets", please.
Have you finished? Great! Pass your answer sheet to the jury. Now you can
compare your answers to the keys on the slide.
In Task 2 you should combine the parts to get the English proverbs. You have 1
minute to do this task.
Good job! That's was easy for you! Let's check the answers on the slide.
Our dear participants, Task 3 is to solve the puzzle. You must write the full words
on your worksheet. Is it clear?
Show Presenter2:
That's was brilliant! Here is our last round. I'll show you 4 pictures of some
places of interest in these countries. You have to name what they are and give
some information ( 2-3 sentences) . Who will be the first?
Команды по очереди определяют какая достопримечательность изображена
на картинке и рассказывают в нескольких предложениях о ней.
1.The Tower of London
2.Edinburg Castle
3.The Empire State Building
4. Sydney Opera House
English Teacher:
Awesome! Now we shall count your scores. Wait a minute, please. ( Жюри
подсчитывает баллы за все задания викторины).
It's just the time to announce the results. Our jury members are going to name the
winner. ( Жюри объявляет победителя)
Our congratulations! Thank you for your great job and participating in the
contest. We do hope it was useful and exciting for you. Today you have learnt a lot
of new information and facts. See you soon!