Контрольная работа "Present Perfect Tense or Present Perfect Continuous" 8 класс

Present Perfect Tense or Present Perfect Continuous
1. Fill in the blanks with Present Perfect Tense
1. She a letter to me. (write)
2. Their team the match. (win)
3. He always in the class. (top)
4. We finished our work. (finish)
5. Why you not the bill ? (pay)
6. the train ? (depart)
7. He his mistake. (realize)
8. I to this flat recently. (shift)
9. I not my pen. (find)
10. She her pen. (lose)
2. Fill in the blanks with Present Perfect Continuous Tense
1. She a letter to me since her childhood. ( write )
2. Their team the match since last four years. (win)
3. We here since 1990. (live)
4. How long you for the bus. (wait)
5. I not anything since last four hours. (eat)
6. He for half an hour. (sleep)
3. Correct the mistakes.
1. I have been though about a solution.
2. They haven’t been finishing the exercise yet.
3. My friend Lara have been giving me a lot of support.
4. Look at them. They have dancing all night long.
5. David and Ann have been knowing each other for years.
6. I have been a teacher since eight years.
4. Rewrite the following sentences in the negative and interrogative forms.
1. They have done all the work.
2. The baby has been crying for a long time.
3. The doctor has prescribed me an antibiotic.
4. She has been speaking on the phone for half an hour.
5. I have been cleaning the house all day.
5.Complete the sentences. Put the verbs in the present perfect simple or continuous.
1. I __________ already __________ (answer) all the questions.
2. She __________(not/ see) her mother for a long time.
3. How long __________ she __________ (wait) for us?
4. We __________(know) each other since we were children.
5. __________you __________ (find) the type of coat you wanted?
6. He is sunburnt. he __________(sit) in the sun too long.
7. They __________(be) to India twice since they got married.
8. Your clothes smell bad. __________ you __________(smoke)?
9. Michael Phelps __________(swim) for three hours.
6. Choose the most suitable verb tense to complete the sentences.
1. It has snowed/ has been snowing since I arrived .
2. I have never travelled/ have never been travelling by plane.
3. Have you ever seen / have you ever been seeing this movie?
4. We have toured / have been touring England. Now we are in Birmingham.
5. I have had/ have been having this car for more than ten years.
6. He has worked / has been working for hours.