Тест "Группа времен Future in the Past"

Тест по английскому языку « Группа времен Future in the Past»
Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Ann said that she… there the next month.
would have gone away
would go away
will go away
went away
2. The chief asked them if they… in that project.
would take part
take part
will take part
would have been taken part
3. The guy said that by the time his friend… them up they… for two hours.
picks, will have been walking
picked, would have been walking
would pick, would have walked
would have picked, would be walked
4. He knew Mary… next Monday.
would pack
would be packing
will have packed
would pack
5. The student said he… the text-book by the time the librarian… him to give it back.
will read, would ask
would have been reading, ask
would have read, asked
will have read, shall ask
6. The girl said that she… French lessons twice a week.
would be taking
would take
would have taken
will have been taking
7. He said that his friend… by 9 o’clock.
would come
would have come
will come
would be coming
8. We were sure that you… late.
would have been
will be
would be being
would be
9. We knew that Ann… from her trip the next month.
will return
would have returned
would return
would be returning
10. We decided that we… to Paris on holidays.
will go
would be going
would go
will have gone
11. The guy knew his aunt… him any money.
will not lent
would not lend
would be lending
12. I was sure that after midnight they all ….
would be sleeping
would sleep
would have slept
would have been sleeping
13. His teacher was almost sure the student… all the exams.
would be passing
would have passed
will have been passing
would pass
14. I was sure that Kate… by the time I ….
comes, have arrived
came, would arrive
will have come, arrive
would have come, arrived
15. The employee says that he… on business next week.
will go away
will be going away
would have gone
would have been going away
16. Our teacher is almost sure we… our exams.
would pass
will be passing
will pass
would have passed
17. The guide has said that he… at 7 o’clock.
would come back
will come back
would have come back
will have come back
18. I thought the manager… everything by our arrival, but I… wrong.
will prepare, am
would have prepared, was
would have been preparing, have been
will have prepared, had been
19. The student explains that she… German lessons twice a week.
would take
will take
would be taking
will be taking
20. The manager knows that the chief… next month.
would return
will return
would be returning
will have returned
21. My friend has assured me he… the book by the time I… him to give it back.
would have read, asked
will have read, ask
would have been reading, had asked
will have read, have asked
22. He assures me that he… the book by the time I… him to give it back.
will have read, ask
would have been reading, asked
will read, asked
will have been reading, ask
23. Our new friend promised he… to see us when he… in London.
came, is
would come, was
comes, would be
will come, has been
24. This employee has just said that he… on business to the USA next summer.
would go
will go
25. The employee said that he… to the USA the next summer.
will go
will be going
would go