Тест "Согласование времен в английском языке"

Тест по английскому языку « Согласование времен в английском языке»
Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Fred asked Ann where he… so early in the morning.
am going
was going
2. Mike knew his friends… for me at the metro station.
will wait
will have waited
would wait
would be waiting
3. The chief didn’t know that the employee… the work the day before.
has already done
already did
had already done
would already do
4. The guy assures that he… that woman.
is knowing
would know
had known
5. Nick understood why his friend… the previous evening.
has not come
didn’t come
hadn’t come
would not come
6. She asked her ex-classmate if he… their English teacher.
had remembered
will remember
7. The student reported he… the material.
has already read
already read
had already read