Презентация на английском языке "Gadgets"

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Presentation “Gadgets” Has prepared by the student of the 11th form Melikhova Elizabeth
  • The gadget is a small device designed to facilitate and improve a person's life.
  • Gadgets are widely distributed in various fields: sports - fitness trackers, smart bracelets, sports devices, including smart clothes
  • Gadgets are even used in medicine, for example, electronic plasters, tricoders, hydrocopters, exoskeletons. It is very convenient and useful in the modern world. Progress does not stand still and it's great.
  • The most common purpose of gadgets is entertainment. For entertainment use smartphones, tablets, music players, game consoles, glasses for augmented and virtual reality, and much more.
  • Science has gone so far that there are such gadgets that once only could fantasize. For example, there is such an unusual gadget as a quadrocopter. Quadrocopter is an unmanned aircraft with four propellers, which is usually controlled by a remote control from the ground
  • Quadrocopters usually come with cameras, so they are used not only for entertainment, but also for work. Virtually all photographers use this for their work. It helps to make a great shot or video from a bird's eye view. Each video blogger uses a quadrocopter for his videos to show the beauty of some place. Even such a gadget is used by artists to make high-quality clips.
  • In 2015, they created such an amazing thing-smart suitcase. An ultra-modern suitcase from a Swiss company. He can charge the phone, weigh himself, and also give a signal to the smartphone in case of loss of luggage.
  • The coolest, it seems to me, is a smart house-residential automated house of modern type, organized for the convenience of living people with high-tech devices. This is the most modern and convenient. The only thing that minus such a house is that any program can not be 100% reliable and able to seize.
  • One of the main advantages of the gadgets is that in most cases, they have software, that is, they can download a range of applications. Thus the owner, for example, contemporary and trendy smartphone can easily use the Internet via their device.
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