Презентация "Школа" на английском языке

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Live and learn

Knowledge is power!

[ ei ] - nature, education, break, information

[ Λ ] – Monday, lunch, Russian, study, subject

[ d3 ] – technology, page, project, June, July

[ ʧ ] - lunch, nature, literature, chalk, chair, March

Chemistry, character - [ k ]

Let’s do homework, ….

shall we?

Open the textbook,

will you?

What do you have in your schoolbag?

a rubber [ ’rʌbə]

an eraser [ i’reizə](A.E.)

a box of paints

a dictionary

glue [’glu:]

Exercise book


a note book

a ruler[’ru:lə]

a pencil–box


Water color

felt–tip pens

rough book [’rʌf ]

Draw - рисовать

Paint - рисовать

Drawing - рисунок

Term –срок, семестр, период

Free –свободный, бесплатный freedom – свобода

Borrow – взять на время

Lend(lent) – одалживать, дать на время

Age – возраст

People of all ages – люди всех возрастов

For ages - 100 лет

Carry – нести, переносить

Carry about – иметь при себе, носить с собой

Carriage - карета

Break –

Lesson –

Class –

Subject [’sʌbd3ikt ]– школьный предмет

Study – изучать, учиться что–либо делать( studied to play the flute)

Teach – преподавать

Learn – учить ( learn by heart – учить наизусть )

Information – информация

Timetable – расписание

Mark – оценка(BE)

Grade – оценка, класс(AE) -

(I am in the 8 B Grade), (Your grade is a four.)

перерыв, пауза, ломать, перемена( have a break)

урок, занятия

( to teach smb. a lesson – преподать к –л урок)

урок, класс, выпуск ( the class of 1998.)

to inform

School subjects


Technology( I T)

Physical Education(PE)














Science education


Nature studies


Principles of personal and social safety

Уроки плавания

Swimming lessons

Собаки – не еда!

Dogs it is not food!

Слоны не умеют прыгать

Elephants can’t jump.

Giraffes enjoy reading.

Let’s have fun!

Жирафы любят читать

What’s a real fact?

Dear Mrs. Grey,

Thanks for your letter! I … sorry I haven't written because of my settling down in school life.

I…. fine. I ……. my Russian school. It…. big and modern. I …..a freshman in the class. Our .……..teacher’s name is Maria Ivanovna. She is nice. We……... a lot of interesting subjects.

I ..… happy because I have made two …… friends. Their names ….. Katya and Dima. Now ..…... are 14 boys and 14 girls in our class. Today in the canteen we ate borsch it’s such a red …..…Russian Literature was the second lesson I could hardly understand difficult Russian ………...The last class…....history, but we …….… get any marks. During my breaks my classmates asked me a lot of…………….. about my school in Britain. I hope I ….... get only good and excellent marks in my school.

I have to go now, we are …………….to the museum.

Best wishes,


Good luck!