Проект о дельфинах (на английском языке)

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School panel conference on students’ creative works “Promising Project”   Subject: «Dolphins are the most mysterious animals on the planet» Performed by: Roma Kim 5 «S» form Аdvisor: Zvonovskaya D.A. Teacher of English The aim: The aim: to know more about these amazing animals and to prove their importance in our life and the environment. The tasks : The tasks :
  • to collect and study the information on the topic;
  • to carry out a survey among the students of my school to find out what they know about dolphins;
  • to analyze the information about dolphins’ benefit, their help;
  • to make a presentation.
The hypothesis: The hypothesis: dolphins are very important in our life and they can rescue people. The urgency of my project: not only pills can help people to get rid from diseases, but also "people of the sea" can save us. Dolphins in legends Dolphins saved Arion Dolphins brought Poseidon his wife Dolphins helped Aphrodite all the time Life of dolphins Interesting facts
  • Each dolphin has its own name, which he receives at birth.
  • Dolphins have their own language for about 14,000 word signals.
  • Some dolphins can distinguish up to 60 words of which may be up to 2000 proposals.
The brain of a dolphin is similar in weight to the human brain How do dolphins help us? Protection from sharks Helping to drowning people Dolphin therapy How we can help dolphins? EVERYONE can save their lives!
  • Do not pollute!
  • Do not use fishing nets!
  • Do not kill!
The results of the survey
  • According to the survey, I can say that people know enough about dolphins and they want to help dolphins like me.
  • Dolphins are very helpful.
  • They are very clever and they have their own language.
  • They can treat people. Swimming with dolphins gives joy and peace of mind, enforces the immune system.
  • People can’t live without these amazing animals and must save dolphins. Dolphins are very important in our life.
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