Конспект урока "How to choose the best profession?!" 9 класс

Конспект урока английского языка
Тема урока: How to choose the best profession?!
Цели урока:
1. социокультурный аспект знакомство с проблемами,
связанными с отбором персонала в нашей стране и зарубежом;
2. развивающий аспект развитие анализа, сравнения,
классификации и систематизации изученных данных, а также
любознательности, логичности, доказательности, воображения,
языковой догадки, дедукции, исходя из контекста и различных
дефиниций в предложениях;
3. воспитательный аспект формирование уважительного
отношения к людям другой национальности; формирование
потребности и способности понимать и принимать точки зрения
других людей, высказывать своё мнение, формирование способности
изучения собственного «я»;
4. учебный аспект формирование лексических навыков
посредством чтения, говорения, аудирования и письма
чтение развивать умение языковой догадки при
чтении предложений;
аудирование развивать умение аудировать с целью
понимания содержания презентации, дидактического материала;
говорение развивать коммуникативные навыки на
основе увиденного и прочитанного;
письмо развивать умения заполнения бланков
психологического тестирования в раздаточном материале;
перевод развивать навыки переводной деятельности
с родного языка на иностранный и с иностранного на родной.
Оснащение урока: ноутбук, проектор для презентации; раздаточный
материал для каждого ученика; наглядность в виде карточек со словами на
Ход урока:
1) Приветствие.
T: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please.
2) Название темы.
T: Today we are going to speak about your professional choice and how you
can make a career without any problems.
3) Вводная беседа.
T: We should remember what kind of problems have our youth had when
they want to choose any profession or to make/ start a career?
Ch: give the answers.
T: Of course, you are right! But let’s check your points of view. Now,
please, look at the screen! You can see here the problems which are widely-
spread in the USA and in Great Britain among the teenagers.
Ch: watch the presentation (“The major problems in the USA and in Great
T: Now tell me what problems you deal with in our country.
Ch: watch the presentation (“The problems in Russia”).
T: How do you think, what kind of professions are popular in English-
speaking countries?
Ch: answer the question: a clerk, a babysitter, a teacher etc.
T: Look, please! Some people in English-speaking countries prefer to be
doctors (dentist), Santa Clauses, clowns and so on. Let’s find the answers in
our presentation: these are the most popular ones. Look at the pictures and
try to guess what professions are there.
Ch: watch the presentation (“Popular professions”) and try to remember.
T: These professions are popular in Samara region. This information was
found in the Internet. Please, give the translation.
Ch: watch the presentation (“Popular professions in Russia”).
4) Работа с упражнениями в раздаточном материале.
T: You can find two papers with exercises for one person on your desks.
Let’s work with the first one. You should read the sentences and choose the
best variant and fill in the gaps.
Ch: work with this exercise.
T: Let’s check your answers!
Ch: give the answers.
T: To sum up, I’d like to tell you if you want to make a career and to have
high salaries or grants you should graduate from one of higher educational
institution and don’t remember about your qualities of character. They must
be ideal.
It’s high time to work with vocabulary. You can see the qualities of
character on the blackboard: innate, power of mind, communicative,
volitional, emotional. Please, give me their translation.
Ch: give the translation of the words.
T: Now work with the exercise №2. Fill the gaps with the means of
Ch: work with this exercise.
4) Психологический тренинг на английском языке.
T: It’s time to test yourselves. Choose the necessary qualities of character
which can be connected with you. Write them down in 10 different figures.
After that, we analyze your answers.
- the quality of character which helps you to be stable.
- the quality of character which is shown on your face.
- the quality of character which is shown more then
other ones.
- the quality of character which helps you to be more
friendly, open, communicative.
- the quality of character which helps you to solve
problems in your life.
- the quality of character which is ideal one.
- the quality of character which can’t help you, because
you should work with it in order to be perfect.
- the quality of character which is working now.
- the quality of character which can help you to be in
harmony with nature, people and yourselves.
- the quality of character which you shouldn’t show
other people.
Ch: give the answers.
T: Are you a communicative person? Write down the tick and the points on
the ladders when you are at home, among your friends, among people with
whom you don’t have any relations.
Ch: write the tick and the points on the ladders.
T: Let’s check! If you write the tick on the top of the ladders, you can
communicate with different people in different situations. And, of course, if
you write the high points, you are very sociable, open, and friendly. People
always want to speak, to laugh, to ask you questions.
If you write the tick on the bottom of the ladders, you can’t communicate
with people at all. It’s very hard for you. It’s not your false! You are very
shy or don’t have enough experience to be a good speaker. And if you write
the low points, you are very closed and unsociable. Try to choose the right
way how to rely on with people. Ask your mind and heart.
Ch: check their tests.
5) Заключительная часть.
T: I think you’ll have lots of information on this lesson. Maybe, it will help
you to choose the right way or profession.
You are so active and sociable today. Thank you for the lesson. You may be
free, GOOD BYE!!!!