Презентация "Read, Learn, Study!" 7 класс

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BRAIN-RING “Read, Learn, Study!” PARTICIPANTS: 7A 7B 7V 7G 7D Mark Twain “Tom Sawyer” Jack London “Love for life” O.Henry “The Ransom of Red Chief” The I tour Mark Twain “Tom Sawyer” 1. What was Mark Twain's real name?
  • A. Lawrence Smith B. Clem Samuels C. Harry Jefferson D. Samuel Langhorne Clemens
  • D
2. When and where was Mark Twain born? A. December 15, 1833 in Baltimore, Maryland B. March 7, 1847 in Princeton, New Jersey C. June 24, 1863 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania D. November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri THE RIGHT ANSWER D 3. How old was Twain when he had to leave school following the death of his father? A. 10 B. 12 C. 14 D. 16 THE RIGHT ANSWER B 4. What was Twain's first job? A. Journalist B. Teacher C. Baker D. Printer THE RIGHT ANSWER D 5. Which of these novels was written first? A. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn B. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer C. Tom Sawyer Abroad D. A Murder, a Mystery and a Marriage THE RIGHT ANSWER A 6. Who did Twain marry in 1870? A. Olivia Langdon B. Diana Dell C. Olive Oak D. Helen Hunter THE RIGHT ANSWER A 7. What is the name of Mark Twain’s character who has adventures on the Mississippi with a runaway slave? A. Slick Willy B. Dirty Harry C. Slim Pickens D. Huck Finn THE RIGHT ANSWER D 8. What year did Mark Twain die? A. 1882 B. 1897 C. 1910 D. 1906 THE RIGHT ANSWER C Let’s remember “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Match 2 columns:
  • 1. Joe Harper
  • A. Tom falls in love with her
  • 2. Becky Thatcher
  • B. Tom lives with her family
  • 3. Mary
  • C. The son of the town drunk
  • 4. Aunt Polly
  • D. She is Tom’s cousin
  • 5. Huck Finn
  • E. Tom’s friend
THE RIGHT ANSWER 1 – E 2 – A 3 – D 4 – B 5 – C The II tour Jack London “Love for life” 1. Complete the sentence: «Jack London was born in …» A. a rich family, B. a royal family, C. a poor family. THE RIGHT ANSWER C 2. Where and why did Jack London go to become rich? A. for gold to America, B. for gold to Clandyke, C. for food to Alaska. THE RIGHT ANSWER B 3. When did the main character hurt his leg? A. climbing the mountain, B. ran after his friend, C. crossing a river, jumping on stones.   THE RIGHT ANSWER C 4. What was his friend's name? Did he help him? A. Jack, didn’t help, B. Bill, didn’t help C. Steve, helped. THE RIGHT ANSWER B 5. Where did the main character have to go? A. in a desert, B. in a green field, C. in mountains. THE RIGHT ANSWER A 6. Where did he want to get to at the beginning of the story? A. to the sea, B. to the lake Coppermine, C. to the river Diz. THE RIGHT ANSWER C 7. What did the main character eat? (several answers are possible) A. hot water, B. porridge, C. fish, THE RIGHT ANSWER A,C 8. Could he catch the first fish? A. Yes B. No THE RIGHT ANSWER B 9. How many fish did he catch? A. two, B. three, C. five. THE RIGHT ANSWER C 10. What did he throw away? A. gun B. gold, C. bag. THE RIGHT ANSWER B 11. Who won: a wolf or a man? A. a wolf killed a man, B. a man killed a wolf THE RIGHT ANSWER B 12. What was a name of a ship, that saved the main character? A. “Luckyford” B. “Redford” C. “Bedford” THE RIGHT ANSWER C 13. What is the main idea of the story? A. life is the most important thing, B. life and gold are the most important things, C. love is the most important thing.   THE RIGHT ANSWER A 14. The main character didn’t take his friend’s gold because… A. he was afraid of deadmen , B. gold is death, C. it was very heavy. THE RIGHT ANSWER B 15. What was the name of the main character? NO NAME The III tour O.Henry “The Ransom of Red Chief” What does the word “RANSOM” MEAN? 1. How much money did they want to get for a boy?  A. 1000 $   B. 2000 $   C. 500 $   D. 100 $  THE RIGHT ANSWER B 2. Provisions means…  A. station  B. clothes   C. shop  D. food  THE RIGHT ANSWER D 3. How old was the boy?   A. 10   B. 8   C. 9   D. 11  THE RIGHT ANSWER A 4. Why did Sam get up very early?   A. couldn’t sleep   B. thought that the boy would kill him C. was afraid that the boy would put him in the fire  D.  heard strange noise  THE RIGHT ANSWER C 5. Why did Sam go to the city?   A. to buy some food   B. to post a letter   C. to visit the boy’s parents   D. to meet his friend  THE RIGHT ANSWER B  6. What game did Bill play with a boy?   A. in Indians   B. in war  C. in school  D. hide and seek THE RIGHT ANSWER D 7. How long is the mile?  Миля - это ?   A. 1 kilometer   B. 1 500 meters  C. 100 meters  D. 1 meter THE RIGHT ANSWER B 8.  What did Sam and Bill do to return the boy?  A. gave their money to the boy’s dad   B. got all the money   C. got nothing   D. got a present  THE RIGHT ANSWER A 9. How did the boy call Sam and Bill? A. White men   B. Red skinned   C. Americans   D. Indians THE RIGHT ANSWER A 10. Why did Sam and Bill run away? A. They were afraid of punishment   B. They saw a policeman   C. They were afraid of a prison   D. They didn’t want the boy to return  THE RIGHT ANSWER D The IV tour NAMES You must connect long names with short ones: 1. Elizabeth a) Mik 2. Thomas b) Bobby 3. William c) Pat 4. Susan d) Tony 5. Michael e) Sue 6. Robert f) Pam 7. Patric or Patricia g) Bill 8. Anthony h) Tom 9. Pamela i) Liz THE RIGHT ANSWERS: 1i, 2h, 3g , 4e, 5a, 6b, 7c, 8d, 9f The V tour Who is who? THANK YOU 