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My future profession and career

A Job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

A Profession is a job that requires special training, often a university education,

and brings a rather high social status.

An Occupation is a job or profession.

A Career is series of jobs that a person does in his/her life, usually in one and

the same field.

What does the word “job” mean?

What does the word “profession” mean?

What does the word “occupation” mean?

What does the word “career” mean?

What’s your plan? What we should take into consideration while choosing a profession? What professions are the most popular? Ex. 9 p.255
  • Read the text and put the following questions in the right places.
Ex. 1 p.266
  • You will 5 people talking about they are going to do when they leave school. Listen to the tape, and match what they say with their decisions. There is one extra decision.
Home task
  • Ex.12 p. 257; ex.13 p.257
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