Презентация "The role of gadgets in our life. What are pros and cons?" 10-11 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
The role of gadgets in our life. What are pros and cons? Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Will modern technologies save the world and make it better or will they ruin the society?
  • Are they harmful to our health?
  • Will you give your arguments for or against modern technologies?
Check up your work
  • 1. Computer
  • 2.Camera
  • 3.Telephone
  • 4.Fax machine
  • 5.Vacuum cleaner
  • 6.Television
  • 7.Radio
  • 8.Compact disk
  • 9.Video player
  • 10.Dishwasher
  • 11.Calculator
Check up your translation.
  • In the early 90s mobile phones were too large to be carried in a pocket .
  • The first SMS text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone in 1992 in the UK.
  • My project was done with the help of the Internet.
  • Nowadays the shopping can be done via the Internet.
  • The mobile phone is often called the Fourth Screen.
  • Microsoft- DOS was created by Bill Gates in 1981 in the USA.
  • A telephone was invented by Alexander Bell in 1876.
  • Due to TV we are informed about current events, the latest news in science and politics.
*Guess the words by definitions
  • A liquid for filling up cars with to make them move.
  • A small device which is used to operate a computer.
  • A device which is used to transfer photos and texts to your computer.
  • A road vehicle with an engine and usually four wheels for carrying three or four passengers.
  • A device for cooking, defrosting, reheating food.
  • A thing for waking up people and telling the time.
  • A thing that can be used for data storage, including movies, with high video and sound quality.
* Try to rhyme the words. Can you write a poem?
  • Computer – a tutor
  • Mobile phone – alone
  • TV set - upset