Конспект урока "An Advertisement: Pros and Cons" 9 класс

(английский язык) в 9 классе
Тема: An Advertisement: Pros and Cons
Цель: развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи
1. Развивать лексические навыки, речевые умения (монологическая и
диалогическая речь), навыки аудирования, чтения с извлечением
2. Создавать благоприятный психологический климат, способствующий
формированию личности учащегося.
3. Развивать умение работать в группе.
Учебные пособия: аудиокассета, рекламные объявления из журналов, карточки
с заданиями, на доске высказывания:
“The customer is always right” H. Gordon Selfridge, department store owner
“The best advertisement is a good product” Alan H. Meyer, American advertising
“Advertisement is the mover of the trade” folk wisdom
“Advertising is the tool of the seller, that help him to affect you and make buy his
goods”, “Any advertisement won’t help to sell the thing that is impossible to sell” (from
the Parkinson’s laws)
I. Оргмомент. Прослушивание песни “Money, money, money” (ABBA)
II. Вступительная беседа и слово учителя, объяснение задач урока:
- This is the well-known song, isn’t it? Do you know it? What is this song about?
(The girl sings she needs money to pay the bills) What are other reasons and aims
to earn money? (Учащиеся высказывают предположения:
- to live;
-to buy different things;
- to educate;
- to travel…)
- Among the reasons and aims you called “to buy different things”. Do you buy
something new that has been advertised or if a friend recommends it? (Учащиеся
высказывают свое мнение)
(Звучат звуки из знакомых рекламных роликов) Do you recognize these tunes?
- You are right. This is advertisement. Look at the blackboard. You can see some
quotes. Read them and think of what they are about and what the subject of our
lesson is. (Учащиеся читают высказывания вслух и предполагают, что они
о рекламе и тема урока – реклама)
- Well, you are right. Today we’ll discuss the problems of advertisement, its ad-
vantages and disadvantages. Is it annoying factor for you or, may be, you like it
very much? You’ll have an opportunity to use your lexical and grammatical
knowledge in new situation. I hope our lesson will help you to improve your Eng-
lish and to learn it in future. I’m far from the idea that all of you will become
businessmen, but you learn Economy. I believe the knowledge of advertising vo-
cabulary will be of some use in your future occupation and everyday life.
Our lesson is unusual. It is the business game. (Объяснение правил)
We’ll divide ourselves into three groups. The first group will protect ads. The
participants of the second group are their opponents; their task is to give bad
points of advertising. The third group’s members are experts; their purpose is to
give their opinion about groups’ working and sum up the business game. You
must make up the tasks for definite time. Good luck!
III. Выполнение заданий по карточкам.
1 задание: The stories about advertisement”. Монологическое высказывание.
Расскажите о своей а) любимой рекламе (1 группа)
б) рекламе, вызывающей раздражение (2 группа)
Вопросы к заданию:
- What is your favorite (annoying) advertisement at the moment?
- Is it on TV or the radio?
- What’s the advert for?
- What’s the story?
- Why do you like (dislike) it?
2 задание: I know new words”. Активизация изученной лексики.
Разделите данные слова на две категории:
1 группа – преимущества рекламы;
2 группа – недостатки.
Список слов
Give true information; do not talk about the products’ defects; make you buy one
thing instead of another; (are) misleading; show life unrealistically; put pressure
on consumers; famous people endorse products; teach you how to get the best val-
ue for your money; (are) truthful; help you choose best products; help to improve
your taste; (are) impossible to check; people seem to be happy consumers; (are)
creative/ informative/ silly/ annoying/ clever/ funny; full of humour/ fantasy; con-
vince people to buy things they do not need; present an honest; realistic image of a
3 задание: “I can listen and hear”. Аудирование
Прослушайте две рекламы на радио и выполните задание:
1. Ответьте на вопрос:
- Which advert
…is selling soup powder?
…is threatening punishment?
2. Назовите:
1 группа – положительные стороны;
2 группа – отрицательные стороны данной рекламы.
Before listening you must know one interesting fact. In order to watch TV in Britain,
people need to buy an annual license. It costs about ₤80.
4 задание: “I can read”. Чтение
Просмотрите данные рекламные объявления в журнале, прочитайте
информацию о них.
1. Подумайте, какие из данных приспособлений реально существуют, а каких
не существует в природе?
2. Заполните таблицу прочитанной информацией о приборах:
What is it called?
What can you used it for?
Where can you use it?
What is it made of?
What are its advantages?
How much does it cost?