Презентация "School friends are for ever!" 7 класс

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School friends are for ever! I It was made by a teacher of Manychskaya school, Bagaevsky region, Rostov region, Sivolapova R. A. Our aims
  • 1. To express your opinion what friendship means.
  • 2. To be able to say if it is good to have many or few school friends.
  • 3. To practice in speaking about school friends and their communication.
  • 4. To be able to ask questions about the friend and describe the true friend.
  • 5. To practice in writing.
  • 6. To give advices about real friendship and ideal school friends.
The poem is “Friendship” by S. Mikhalkov. … The one who friendship holds most dear, Who feels a helping sholder near? … A friend will help him any way, A trusty friend upon the way. Friendship for true friends is …. helping each other to have similar interests to have a good standing time together by each other


“ A good friend is never known till a man has need.”
  • “ A good friend is never known till a man has need.”
  • “A true friend is not so soon gotten as lost.”
  • “Before you make a friend, eat a bushel of salt with him.”
  • “The best school friend is as the sun in winter.”
Friendship means
  • Trusting
  • Tolerance
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Shared interests
In my opinion... As for me… Describing character
  • true
  • kind
  • gentle
  • optimistic
  • shy
  • generous
  • modest
  • ambitious
  • bossy
  • serious
  • hard-working
  • easy-going
  • friendly
  • honest
School friends
  • School real friends are persons who …
  • - see each other every day
  • - have much in common
  • - share ideas
  • - know each other for a long time
  • - like working together
  • - help each other
Friendship is for ever. 1. I have a friend ____ lives far from me. 2. The friend has a dog ____ is very big. 3.The real friends write poems ___ tell about nature and friendship. 4. The true friend is a person ___ is very clever and hardworking. 5. The polite friends don`t like people ____ are double-faced and lazy. 6. The ideal friend keeps the secrets ___ I share with her. 7. I know ___ I can rely on my best friend. What can you do now?
  • Now I can - make suggestions about…..
  • - answer the questions…..
  • - speak about …..
  • - find information …..
  • - make up dialogues ……
  • - know how to …..
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