Конспект урока "Are you happy with your friends?"

Test7 Unit5. Are you happy with your friends?
I. Вставь пропущенные буквы и переведи слова.
B_tray, fo_ever, ne_ _hbour, qu_ _kly, sw_p, tw_ _ned, life_t_le, tu_n to
II. Выбрать верный вариант (who| which| that). В каких предложениях
союзные слова выполняют роль подлежащего, а в каких дополнения
1. I’ve got a brother (who| which| that) I can rely on.
2. I’ve got a friend (who| which| that) I’m never bored with.
3. My friend is a person (who| which| that) is always there for me.
4. Friendship is a feeling (who| which| that) can last forever.
5. My parents are people (who| which| that) I can turn to for help.
6. I can always rely on Sveta (who| which| that) is one of my childhood friends.
7. I want to have a pen friend (who| which| that) lives in another country.
8. I’d like to make friends with Jane (who| which| that) has a wonderful sense of
9. The Internet is a thing (who| which| that) can learn something new form.
III. Переведите на английский язык слова и выражения.
1. Подружиться
2. Друзья детства
3. Друг по переписке
4. Полагаться
5. Быть готовым прийти на помощь
6. Дружба
7. Длиться вечность
8. Обращаться за
9. Чувство юмора
IV. Вставьте пропущенные слова.
forever for together out on best to
for up of on
Sveta is my 1_______ friend. I always turn 2_______her 3______
help or advice. Usually we get 4_______ well. Sometimes we fall 5_____
but we make 6______quickly. We often get 7________ and have good
laugh because we have a good sense 8______ humour. Sveta is always there
9______ me. I can rely 10________her. I hope our friendship will last